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SPECIAL OFFER - Chestnut Grove Olive Oil and Verjuice Bundle

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$24.90 $26.80

SPECIAL OFFER - 1 x Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml and 1 x Verjuice 350ml $24.90 (UP $26.80)

Manjimup, in the heart of Western Australia’s beautiful Southern Forests is a food mecca, from cherries to truffles and so much more. The climate and soil there deliver ingredients of exceptional quality. Chestnut Grove is a family owned and operated business producing premium boutique extra virgin olive oil. Their olive trees are over half a century old and the result is a rich, deep, nutty olive oil like you have never tasted before. 

Hand picked and cold pressed, this stunning oil captures the pure essence of the variety and brings perfect spice and flavour into gorgeous balance.

Verjuice is simply unfermented juice pressed from unripened wine grapes and has been used as an ingredient in cooking throughout Europe and the Middle East dating back generations.

Handpicked from Chestnut Grove's glorious vineyard in Margaret River, this modern twist on a classic style offers the perfect natural acidulant for cooking. The high natural acidity of Verdelho grape juice and sweetness can add richness and subtle flavour to any recipe. Boasting bright fruit, lemon drops, nashi pear with a floral oriental spice.

Use to deglaze your pan in vegetable or meat dishes, build flavours for sauces, braises and reductions or use to poach seasonal fruits. Combine with our extra virgin olive oil to add a new dimension to your favourite dressing. A traditional kitchen staple to liven any dish. It's also a fantastic spritzer!