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Organic Acai Pack Pure Unsweetened

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Epic flavour and full of healthy omegas and powerful antioxidants. GMO free, organic, fair trade, kosher. Gluten, lactose and sugar free. 1 pack x 4 pouches of acai puree, 400g.

0 grams of sugar.  Epic flavour. Powerful antioxidants. Healthy omegas. Made with organic and GMO-free ingredients sustainably sourced in the Brazilian Amazon.  

One pouch provides enough to make an authentic acai bowl - simply blend with your favourite frozen fruits, some milk, yogurt or juices and top with granola, nuts or fresh fruits. ... or blend with the milk of your choice for a fantastic smoothie. Kids love these pouches eaten straight from the freezer as an ice lolly.  

Organic fair-trade acai puree.


More spectacular recipes available on Sambazon Acai's website or download their recipe book here. 

About the producer

Sambazon Açai, Brazil