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Australian Black Angus Lean Beef Mince

Product Description

Super-lean beef mince, with 7% fat content compared with the normal 15-20% fat. Grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free.

Recipe: Nigella’s Utterly Delicious Meatballs

Our Australian beef mince is super lean with only 7% fat content compared with the normal 15-20% fat. The mince is made using the thin end off-cuts of the tenderloin, the tail of the rump and/or the shin. Our mince is produced purely from Australian Black Angus beef that is hormone and antibiotic free and the cattle are never fed genetically modified feed.

Update: Due to the severe droughts in Eastern Australia, the current feed for the cattle is being supplemented with a mixture of barley and walnuts. We assure our customers that the feed is still fully natural and will not impact meat quality. 

Read about the source of our beef here.

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