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Pouting Fillet Skin On

Product Description

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A great alternative to traditional white fish, these wild caught pouting fillets are flaky, juicy and carry flavour well. Perfect for a quick and easy meal. 180g, pack of 2. Frozen. 

Note: While our supplier has tried to remove all bones, please be careful just in case they've missed one.

Cooking Hint

Pan fry for 2-3 minutes and serve with seasoning of choice.


This fish is wild-caught off the South West coast of Cornwall, UK.

When it comes to wild-caught fish, an unfortunate consequence is by-catch: the incidental capture of non-target species, which are often discarded overboard and left to die. Cornish fisheries are among the most sustainably managed in the world and have been driving fishing innovations to ensure that their fleets operate as selectively and sustainably as possible.

Rather than wasting any inevitable by-catch species or have them used as bait, Ocean Fish is actively promoting them as a sustainable way of eating fish. In addition to being more affordable, by-catch is often highly nutritious and lower in mercury. Eating by-catch is a way for the consumer to lighten the pressure on fishing popular species such as tuna, salmon and cod.

Ocean Fish is a family-owned fishing business with a fishing heritage dating back to 1740. Based in Cornwall, their proximity to West Country fish markets enables them to process the freshest and finest quality fish. The excellent quality of their fresh and frozen products is a result of tireless dedication through generations of experience. They are committed to the sustainable use of the seas and the protection of the marine ecosystem, and work closely with the Marine Stewardship Council.

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