Beef, Australia

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Our range of grass-fed Australian beef can be traced to the fertile south-west slopes of New South Wales on the east coast of Australia. The pristine environment provides the ideal natural pasture for the Black Angus cattle to graze.

We believe the best way to treat animals is to allow them to display their natural tendencies by grazing in their natural herd environment. All our meat comes from cattle born and raised on pastoral land – no feedlots are used. The cattle are NOT given weight and muscle gaining hormones and are NOT fed genetically modified feed, rather they grow naturally within their herd on open grass pastures. All cattle have access to trees for shade and if not running water, then at least 2 sources of fresh water in every paddock.

Explanation of MSA grading

Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a grading system proven to take the guesswork out of buying and cooking Australian beef. All products identified with the MSA symbol have met strict criteria to ensure they achieve consumer expectations for tenderness, juiciness and flavour. MSA certified graders collate information provided from the producer with a number of attributes measured on each carcass, for beef cattle these include meat colour, marbling, fat depth, carcass weight and maturity. This information is entered into a hand held data unit containing the MSA grading model which generates an eating quality grade for each cut based on a specific cooking method. All our grass-fed beef is in the very top echelon of this system, meeting the MSA4+ requirements.