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1. General Manager;

2. Marketing Manager

Company Overview

Sasha’s Fine Foods was established in October 2011 by Sasha Conlan, an English expat living in Singapore since 2008.  A scarcity of sustainable foods produced without hormones/antibiotics and additives and a clear “story” of where it came from led Sasha to establish The Barbie Girls, an online, home delivery business. Initially starting with lamb only, demand enabled the rapid expansion into beef, chicken and a handful of artisan products within six months of her first sale.

The decision to be an e-commerce only business was driven by the recognition that the target customer base was time poor but quality driven, and hence more likely to transact online.  The Barbie Girls initially operated from a small warehouse in Tiong Bahru, offering a once-weekly home delivery service. With minimal marketing and strong word-of-mouth, the business grew rapidly and within 5 years, The Barbie Girls had established itself as the leading ‘clean’ food e-commerce company in Singapore.  The business was incorporated in 2014.

As the business and product range grew it was re-branded to better position what had become a fully-fledged online food company and market leader in clean food. “Sasha’s Fine Foods” was launched in February 2017 with a seamless acceptance by existing customers as well as new customers being attracted to the simplicity of the name and credibility of 5 years of operations.

Sasha’s Fine Foods remains an e-commerce market leader in sustainable food shopping. Operating from a new office and warehouse in Jurong, the company has 15 staff and 3 branded trucks (soon to be 4) delivering to customers across the island 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. The Company has an exemplary reputation for customer service, backed by constant product and website innovation. Today’s customer demographic has an increasingly large number of Singaporeans as well as male customers seeking clean and lean products, and younger customers who are more educated on sustainability, environmental and ethical practices in food production. Growth has been driven by the re-brand supported by strong marketing initiatives that offer insights, education and value propositions to customers.

The company’s vision is to expand within Singapore and SE Asia, based upon the following core principles:

  • Provenance – selling only the highest quality products sourced from trusted partners who share Sasha’s simple philosophies of quality and sustainability. These philosophies are rooted in understanding where our food comes from, ensuring it is as close to its natural state as possible (with no nasty additions like growth hormones) and that it has been produced and delivered with care and respect for the animals, the environment and the individuals who produce it;
  • Customer Service – offering differentiated customer experience through excellent and reliable service, combined with continuous product and website innovation;
  • Team Work – developing an open, empowered and committed team who strive to continuously improve, as well as fully leveraging the positive impact of an eco-system of trusted partners and suppliers.


1. General Manager

General Manager: Role Overview

The rapid growth, and now significant scale of Sasha’s Fine Foods has led the Company’s Founder, Sasha Conlan, to define the need for a senior professional to help lead the Company through its next phase of development.  The General Manager role has 2 key focus areas:

Business Management

The General Manager will be responsible for all aspects of the day to day running of the business, including client service, operations, logistics, finance, marketing and business administration. All existing staff will report directly or indirectly to the General Manager. Note that a key reporting line will be the Operations Head who oversees all operations and logistics activities. The General Manager will be responsible for developing and expanding the team, working with team leaders as relevant. 

Business Development

The General Manager will support the Founder, by proactively contributing to the development and execution of a broad range of business strategies. Focus areas will be brand and product development, new market opportunities within Singapore, partner and supplier relationship development, and, in time, evaluation of overseas market opportunities. The candidate will be expected to contribute ideas, participate in business development projects and provide critical challenge to all ideas and projects.

General Manager: Success Factors

The successful candidate will be first and foremost evaluated on their contribution to strengthening and enhancing operational excellence. As the individual’s knowledge expands within the Company, they will be expected to become an increasingly significant contributor to the broader development and execution of business strategy. Success will be judged by the following factors:

Operational Excellence;

  • continuously improving client service
  • driving operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • efficient and controlled scaling of the team and operational activities
  • developing an effective organisational structure in line with business growth
  • building a cost management culture which maximises net return
  • creating a world class team by promoting a positive, can do and motivated culture

Revenue Growth;

  • growing revenues to support a continued 50% per annum revenue growth
  • sourcing and executing new sales channels
  • securing and executing new revenue opportunities, in partnership with the Founder


  • building a culture of innovation and controlled risk taking which supports the continued growth of Sasha’s Fine Foods
  • leveraging an ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and interested parties to facilitate business growth, deliver operational improvement and create a pipeline of new ideas and opportunities which drive growth
  • building a culture of continuous improvement by way of an open culture of suggestion, challenge, innovation and change
  • source new business opportunities and ideas for integration into the strategic goals, providing a critical viewpoint to promote open and honest challenge and critical thinking in partnership with the Founder

Business Acumen;

  • develop the commercial acumen of the team, leveraging previous experience to drive a professional business culture
  • deploy leadership skills to facilitate the development of a fast-growing team to enable the effective, controlled and efficient scaling of the business
  • bring new ideas, flexible and innovative problem-solving ideas which support the wider team’s development as well as direct operational excellent, including critical analysis and increased risk taking


  • build on the existing eco-system of partners, suppliers, market participants and brand ambassadors to support achievement of varied business goals
  • develop and execute a structured framework for client relationship management as well as supplier and partner relationship management

Passion & Commitment;

  • in the context of a continued start-up culture, to display passion and commitment which enables rapid growth and innovation to help realise business goals

Success in the role offers the potential for the General Manager to take a more senior role and possibly equity in the business. Key for Sasha is sourcing an individual who, in time, can become a fully-fledged business partner, being an individual who proves their capabilities and personally invests into the development of Sasha’s Fine Foods.


2. Marketing Manager

Sasha has created a new position for a Digital Marketing Manager whose purpose will be to define and execute all aspects of the marketing strategy with the goal of ensuring the company retains and grows market share, increases revenue and further develops the brand.


  • Create and execute all digital and off-line marketing strategies
  • Manage the customer database including segmentation, targeting and analytics, insights and reporting
  • Measurement of all marketing activities
  • Own all communications with customers, including website, EDMs, newsletters, social media, print campaigns and advertising
  • Manage content strategy, including writing, channels and analysis
  • Develop and manage brand strategy
  • Manage competitive and strategic intelligence, turning information into insights

Required Skills and Experience

  • 4+ years of hands-on digital marketing experience, ideally in a B:C e-commerce environment
  • Proficient in current reporting and analytics tools
  • Website management
  • Hands-on experience with SEO and web traffic metrics
  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English
  • Content and social media management

Personal Skills

  • Disciplined and structured thinking
  • Strong commercial mindset and understanding
  • Quick thinker who can work independently and efficiently
  • Detail and data orientated
  • Strong relationship skills, with a focus on working flexibly with people to get things done
  • High level of initiative
  • Excellent written and verbal skills

Remuneration: dependent on experience 

Application:  Send us an introductory cover letter with CV to