Lunar New Year Bundle Promotion

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Special Offer

Buy all 4 for $77.20 $68.88

  • 1x Wicks Manor English Pork Mince, Frozen 250g

  • 1x Wicks Manor English Pork Belly, Frozen 350g

  • 1x Silver Hill Irish Half Crispy Duck with Pancakes and Hoisin Sauce, Frozen 600g

  • 1x Mt. Cook Alpine New Zealand Salmon 150g Portions Skinless, Fresh 300g
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Sashimi Grade Salmon

150g per portion, 2 portions per pack, boneless skin-off

Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon is raised in the pristine, fast-flowing fresh glacial waters of New Zealand's Southern Alps. The strong, highly-oxygenated currents keep these beautiful fish fit, healthy, and lean. This sashimi-grade salmon has a firm, muscular texture with a clean, smooth flavour. 
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Wicks Manor English Pork Mince

250g, 80% pork shoulder and 20% pork belly

Wicks Manor is a family-run pig farm in rural England where the pigs are fed a natural diet of wheat and barley that is grown and milled on the farm itself. Free to roam in large, shaded outdoor pens, the pigs are very well cared for by farm managers. The result is a nationally-recognised, high-quality, and great tasting pork.  
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Wicks Manor English Pork Belly

350g per pack

From the same family-run pig farm as our pork mince, Wicks Manor piglets live in outdoor shelters and have the best of both worlds. They are sheltered from nature's sometimes harsh elements, but also have plenty of room to roam and play. This natural lifestyle helps the pork develop a beautiful depth of flavour, whilst still being relatively lean.  
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Crispy Duck with Pancakes/Hoisin

600g cooked duck

From a family-run farm in Ireland, the unique Silver Hill Duck (commonly known as London Duck) is full of flavour, succulence and tenderness. The ducks are hand-fed a natural diet and are exercised and allowed to roam free daily. This London Duck is available at some top restaurants in Singapore but Sasha’s Fine Foods are the only retailer! 
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