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Our Team

The Kitchen

Founder & Director

Sasha is from the north of England and worked as a lawyer in London for 12 years before moving to Singapore with husband Jonny and her young family in 2008. Sasha's passion for food met with some obstacles when she found it really difficult to find cooking staples like chicken, seafood and meat that were free of antibiotics and hormones. But this also presented a fantastic opportunity to create a business dedicated to sourcing and selling beautiful, 'clean' food, and so The Barbie Girls was born in 2011. Sasha waved goodbye to being a "Barbie Girl" in early 2017 when she rebranded as Sasha's Fine Foods.

In addition to travelling in search of fabulous new products, Sasha combines her love of food with cooking, and adores spending time in Margaret River with family whenever she can.

General Manager

Sarah is British but has spent most of her life living abroad as an expat in Denmark, Italy, Holland, Mexico, Ecuador, France, and Spain, to name a few! Sarah spent the first part of her career in London, working for L’Oreal and then made the big move to Asia with her husband, 4 years ago, after a spell in Madrid completing their MBA’s. Sarah has always been passionate about running businesses, and now E-Commerce in particular. Sarah’s favourite things in life include spending time with her family, enjoying wonderful food and wine, playing tennis and basking in warm sunshine. It is therefore no wonder that she has made Singapore her home!


Like the conductor of a great orchestra, Leonard manages all aspects of our day-to-day business operations. He’s the one responsible for all the moving parts; from our entire supply chain, to the warehouse and right up to delivering to our customers, Leonard ensures that we never miss a beat. Leonard has many years of hands-on experience with local and international organisations including DHL, FedEx and CWT where he honed his skills in the complexities of supply chain and logistics management.

A young dad and husband, Leonard only stops to eat and breath a few times a week, yet he miraculously manages to remain good-humoured, calm and open at all times.


From The Philippines, Pam arrived in Singapore in 2010 for her internship at a well-known seafood restaurant and has been here ever since.

Pam is the first port of call for many of our customers, and is eternally helpful and upbeat. Pam hand-holds customers through setting up accounts, amending orders and generally advising on every aspect of service. A stickler for detail, she keeps us all in line and always has a kind word and a big smile to share.


Josephine heads up our finance team, bringing with her over 35 years of experience in Finance Reporting. In her first 2 months alone, she managed to redesign our reporting system which has already given us greater visibility and allowed us to make some important strategic business decisions. Josephine has green fingers and loves caring for our plants in the office, earning herself the additional title of “Chief Plant Manager."


Suruthi is our numbers ninja! She arrived from India several years ago with her family and joined our merry team in July 2017. We are super proud to be her first employer after she completed her Degree in Accounting and Finance. This wonderful young woman is laser focused, and helps us stay on top of our business. Suruthi may be a little shy, but her efficiency and attention to detail is a joy to behold. She adores watching Indian dramas, and we all envy her personal manner, her composure and her amazing home made (by mum) Indian lunches! A very cool person who we’re delighted to have with us.


Roy spent the first few years of his career in the army, honing his interpersonal skills and his eye for detail. A (very young) dad to 4 children, Roy always has a smile on his face and a spring in his step. An avid basketball fan, if he's not at work or with his gorgeous young family, you'll find him tearing around the basketball court with his team. We are not quite sure where he finds his energy!


Angharad is our wholesale guru. Her passion for the food and farming industry flourished at 16 when she worked with a Michelin Star chef in the Chew Valley, South of Bristol. Here, Angharad discovered the importance of high quality and sustainably produced food. She has worked in the meat and food industry for six years, becoming a qualified butcher along the way. Angharad recently moved from London’s bustling food scene, to Singapore, and saw Sasha’s Fine Foods as the perfect match to continue her career. She is now enjoying ticking off amazing restaurants from her Singapore list and offering the Top Chefs access to some of our amazing produce.

The Engine Room


Hiew is the most reliable, gentle and hard working warehouse operator you will ever meet. It's not easy to get him to crack a smile (cake usually works) but beneath his seemingly stern interior is a gentle man who has a heart of gold. He works incredibly hard in a freezing cold warehouse so we are always trying to entice him into the office with tea and cake! Hiew is a gem and we are lucky to have him on our team.

Lai Sim

Lai Sim is one tough lady! Working for several hours a day in our chiller room, it's hard to see her face beneath the layers of beanies, ear muffs and scarves... But she's in there and she cracks a beaming smile whenever she catches your eye. She is absolutely meticulous in her work and strives for 100% success in her picking of orders. A mum of 3 and a very welcome addition to the team.

The Driveway

Iz Mar

Iz Mar The Legend. Born in Singapore, Iz Mar has over 15 years of Food & Beverage experience, from fine dining services to training & leading service staff at top hotels in Singapore. Iz Mar joined Sasha's Fine Foods (then The Barbie Girls) so he could spend quality time with his all-important family. Iz Mar is a complete gentleman, much loved by all our customers for his kind, upbeat, friendly manner. He aims to provide "The Best Customer Service in Town" and judging by the constant feedback we receive, he achieves this every single day. Iz Mar is also responsible for training our new drivers and ensuring they understand our ethos of fantastic customer service.


A super energetic young man, always fast and efficient with a positive "can do" attitude. With 2 delightful young kids and being a fabulous driver for us, Henry isn't left with a lot of time to himself. If he manages to find it, you'll see him playing snooker or watching F1 racing.

The Sparkle Angels

The delightful Kwee Eng entertains and keeps our space clean on a weekly basis. Hearts of gold, happy souls, Kwee and her buddy bring some delightful perspective to our office, helping us appreciate all the more how lucky we are to work here in Singapore as members of such a great team.