Pork Sausages

Made with the finest quality free-range pork from England. No MSG.

Gluten Free Sausages

Our award winning gluten free sausages come from Wicks Manor in England. These sausages are made in the plant first, before anything else, to ensure no contamination with gluten ingredients.




Our sausages are made from prime cuts of pork shoulder. No fat is added and natural pork casing is used. The result? A lean, tasty sausage that will not leak fat during cooking. Wicks Manor have received many awards for their range of sausages.

Gluten Free Sausages


We are thrilled with the quality of these gluten free sausages which won Britain's Best Sausage in 2013.

"To win such an award with Gluten Free sausages beating all other competition shows the incredibly high standard of these sausages".

All gluten free sausages are made first each morning so there is no risk of cross contamination. Allergens are stored separately and all machinery is gluten swabbed.

Pieces of apple are added to these sausages which make them incredibly moist and enhance the pork flavour beautifully.

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