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Sambazon Amazonian Organic Acai Pack Original

Product Description

1 pack x 4 pouches of Acai puree, 400g

Epic flavour. Powerful antioxidants. Healthy omegas. Made with organic and GMO-free ingredients sustainably sourced in the Brazilian Amazon.  

One pouch provides enough to make an authentic acai bowl - simply blend with your favourite frozen fruits, some milk, yogurt or juices and top with granola, nuts or fresh fruits... whatever you like, or blend with the milk of your choice for a fantastic smoothie. Kids love these pouches eaten straight from the freezer as an ice lolly.  

Organic. Fair trade. Kosher. Gluten-free. Lactose-free.

Can't get enough of these acai packs? Get a 2-pack bundle at a special price. 

Organic fair-trade acai puree, organic cane sugar, less than 0.5% of organic soy lecithin, organic guarana extract, citric acid.

More spectacular recipes available on Sambazon Acai's website.