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Charred Corn

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The Charred corn is made of premium sweet corn, lightly charred with salted butter. It needs to be boiled or microwaved for a few minutes. Delicious as a snack by itself (Corn in Cup style!) or add it to a bowl of salad or tacos.

Corn and Salted Butter

From Frozen (No defrosting needed)
Tear along the dotted line to remove the label.
Option 1: Boil (Sous-Vide) - Bring water to boiling point. Submerge pack. Set timer for 13 -15 minutes and close lid.
Option 2: Chef Mode - Defrost and cook according to your preference and recipe!

To be kept in deep freezer below -10degrees

May contain traces of fish, seafood, milk, wheat, gluten, yeast, nuts, soybeans or sesame. Not suitable for those allergic to these ingredients.

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