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Fabulous Fish Box

Product Description

1x Mt. Cook Alpine New Zealand Salmon Portions Skin-on Fresh 

This sashimi-grade salmon has a firm, muscular texture with a clean, smooth flavour. 150g per portion, 2 portions per pack, boneless, skin on.

1x New Zealand Blue Cod Fillet Frozen

Our Blue Cod is caught using environmentally sensitive fishing methods. It has a light and subtle texture, and low oil content. 2 fillets per pack, boneless, skinless, frozen.

1x Local Barramundi Fillet Frozen

Also known as Asian Sea Bass, the barramundi turns from a pearly pink when raw, to white when cooked. The flesh is firm with large, white moist flakes. The flavour is sweet and buttery. Caught locally at a sustainable hormone and antibiotic free aquafarm. 180-220g per portion, 2 portions per pack.

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