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Green Grapes

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Green grapes are small to medium in size and are round to oblong in shape, growing in tight clusters on medium-sized, cylindrical bunches. The smooth skin ranges in colour from pale yellow to green and is slightly firm and crisp, but not crunchy. The translucent green flesh is juicy, plump, soft, and seedless. Green grapes are very sweet with a unique grapey aroma that is musky with hints of honey and strong floral notes.

Green grapes are best suited for both raw and cooked applications such as boiling or roasting. They can be eaten fresh, out-of-hand or added to fruit salads and paired with cheeses. They can also be dried for golden raisins, pressed into a juice, or made into wine as the flavour of the grape does not diminish during the fermentation process. As an edible garnish, the grapes can be dipped in beaten egg whites, sprinkled with granulated sugar, and chilled until set. Fresh grapes pair well with soft cheeses, Thai or Indian food, mince pies, roasted poultry, and duck entrees.