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Iberico Pork St Louis Spare Ribs

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Iberico pigs are fed a special diet of acorns and other plant-based products found naturally in the forest. This special diet is what gives the meat its tender and sweet flavour, and it gives the meat the perfect amount of marbling and fat. Iberico St Louis spare ribs are naturally smaller than conventional pork ribs, but are intensely flavoured. Flatter than baby back ribs, these St Louis spare ribs are meatier, making them easier to cook and eat. Various frozen weight available.

These ribs are perfect for a barbeque night Alternatively.

Rub with the seasoning, wrap in foil and grill for about an hour in 350f oven. Unwrap the ribs, rub them with bbq sauce and wrap and bake them for another 15 minutes. Do this again and cook for another 20 minutes (do test them along the way).

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