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Japanese A4 Wagyu Ribeye

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Our Japanese A4 Wagyu comes from the famed Wagyu ranches of Kyushu, where the ranch owners take pride in raising their cattle and provide them with high quality grains, wheat, rice and fresh water from the mountains. The Miyazaki prefecture is well known for its lush greenery and high quality ingredients, the nutrients of the land is given to each and every Miyazaki Wagyu resulting in one of the highest grades of Wagyu beef in the world.

The A4 Wagyu Ribeye is very often used in Japanese cuisine, especially in Sukiyaki, Teppanyaki and Shabu Shabu. For starters, the steak has an amazingly delicious rib cap, which melts in your mouth and is a part all chefs dream of using.The eye of the steak is rich in flavor and fat, while the marbling keeps the whole steak moist and juicy.

A4 Wagyu has more meat to fat ratio and it has a stronger Wagyu beef fat flavor profile. For those who LOVE a good mix of fatty and meaty beef like we do, this is a must buy item. These sliced A4 Wagyu Ribeye Beef have the perfect marbling that keeps the steak moist with juiciness thus melting in your mouth along with the refined umami taste. Ideal for grilling.

It comes in Frozen condition.

Estimated Weight: 300g