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Sheelin Irish Dry-Aged Rump Steak

Product Description

200g, 1 steak, frozen

Coming from the cow’s muscular rear the rump steak is a firm, but flavourful cut of beef. It is less expensive than other cuts of steak, and needs more tender loving care to shine.


Aging refers to the process butchers use to prepare beef for consumption. During aging, we simply allow time for the natural enzymes in the beef to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in a more tender cut. Most of the beef in the market today is wet-aged – this is where the meat is allowed to age in vacuum packaging to retain its moisture.

In dry-aging however, the meat is hung or placed on a rack and allowed to dry while the enzymes work their transformational magic. Although dry-ageing is an expensive method, and results in up to 20% weight (moisture) loss, it concentrates the flavour within the meat and adds exceptional tenderness.


Marinating the steak overnight (e.g. in red wine and garlic, or soy sauce with rice vinegar) allows the protein in the meat to break down, tenderizing the meat in the process.

Pan sear in hot oil for 2 minutes on each side (for medium rare steak), and let cooked steak rest for 10 minutes before serving.