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Aoraki (Mt. Cook Alpine) New Zealand Cold Smoked Salmon

Product Description

A beautiful, lean, non-oily fish with a rich, oak-smoked flavour and a silky smooth texture. 200g, sliced, ready to eat. Available fresh and frozen. Best served at room temperature.

Serving Suggestion

Lightly toast bread slices, spread cream cheese on the bread, add smoked salmon, cucumber, onions and capers. Season with pepper and lemon juice.

 Nature has supplied Mt. Cook with unbeatable ingredients to create the finest-tasting salmon there is; the wilderness, the fast glacial flows, the cold fresh water, allow them produce this beautiful lean, non-oily fish. 

Mt. Cook recently acquired the neighbouring Aoraki Smokehouse, uniting with one of the finest smokehouses in the hemisphere which enables both teams to work together to provide us with a wider, more innovative range of salmon products.

Rich and decadent, yet not overpowering, Aoraki Smokehouse uses a traditional age-old Scottish method of smoking to produce the finest quality cold-smoked salmon. The cold smoke process is long and slow, allowing the smoke to infuse the salmon giving a rich, oak-smoked flavour with a silky and smooth texture.

I had the pleasure of visiting the farm for the second time in June 2018 and I hope you enjoy this video of my visit. Unfortunately, nature was against us as the sound of the high winds made recording voices tricky, but the video will, I hope, bring you closer to the source of this beautiful product.

New Zealand Freshwater King Salmon, salt, golden syrup, black rum, oak wood smoke.

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