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Salmon Whole Side Skin-On

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Sashimi Grade Salmon. Mt. Cook Alpine King Salmon is raised in the pristine, fast-flowing fresh glacial waters of New Zealand's Southern Alps. The strong, highly-oxygenated currents keep these beautiful fish fit, healthy, and lean.

This sashimi grade Alpine King Salmon has a firm, muscular texture with a clean, smooth flavour. Fresh skin-on Alpine Salmon fillet with the pin bones removed and individually vacuum-packed for freshness.

Our fresh salmon is exactly that. It is fished in New Zealand on a Wednesday, and can be delivered to you as early as Friday morning. As a grocer you can trust, know that we never, ever freeze then defrost to try to sell as "fresh".

Boneless, skin-on, whole.

For some cooking inspiration, you can try out the following recipes: Baked Whole Side of Salmon or Salmon, Pomegranate Glaze & Herby Yoghurt Mayonnaise.

Contains: Fish

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Mt Cook Alpine Salmon, New Zealand