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Rhug Estate Organic Aberdeen Beef Topside Mini Joint

Product Description

A tender and lean cut taken from the top of the rear leg, the rich flavours of the topside mini joint make it perfect for roasting, slow cooking or even stewing. Hormone and antibiotic free. 800g. Available fresh and frozen.

Cooking Hint

Pair this tender, roasted joint with delicious and crisp vegetables with this recipe. The leftovers are perfect for a quick salad or Mediterranean wrap.

Sourced from award-winning organic farm Rhug Estate in North Wales, the Aberdeen Angus breeding herd at Rhug Estate is renowned for its quality cuts which are dry aged for 28 days. The herd is left to roam free and graze on organic pastures which ensures a high level of marbling, giving the beef its intense, mouthwatering flavour. The farm is a self-contained field-to-plate operation that follows the highest animal welfare standards and is Soil Association approved, which is in the top echelon of Organic Certifications.

Check out the story of Rhug Estate through this fabulous video.


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