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Organic Chickpea Tempeh

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The organic Chickpea Tempeh is a truly natural plant-based protein that is made of quality organic Chickpea. It is one of the most fragrant tempeh, with reviews saying the tempeh smells like a freshly baked baguette or freshly brewed beer! When cooked, it tastes like a hint of nutty flavour with every bite. Fry, steam, stew. The possibilities are endless! 

It is recommended to cook the tempeh within 1 week from delivery, storing it in the chiller at 0-4°C.

For longer storage, pop the tempeh in the freezer (-12°C and below). Thaw the tempeh in the chiller for 1-2 hours and cook it immediately after.

Organic chickpeas, culture (Rhizopus oligosporous), filtered water