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Shiro Miso - White Bean Paste

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The white, smooth Saikyo Miso incorporates two parts fine quality malted rice to one part soy beans. Perfect for use in miso soups, miso marinades, and so much more. 

Mildly sweet, low-sodium rice malt, and combined with an appealing pale yellow color, which makes this miso a beautiful addition to a variety of dishes. White miso is milder and has a more delicate flavour compared to the darker miso pastes as it is fermented for a shorter time. 

Apart from soups and sauces, Shiro Miso is also great for glazing fish, meat & onigiri. 500gm.

Photo Credit: Zairyo

Rice, Soybean (non-GMO), Salt, Mizuame, Alcohol

Sesame, Peanuts