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Sasha's Meat Box

Product Description

Sasha's handpicked selection of her favourite meat products – frequently appearing in her own shopping cart. Shop at $129 (U.P.  $142.70). 

1x Sutton Hoo British Free Range Chicken Mini Fillets, Frozen, 300g-324g

Also known as chicken tenders, these family-friendly mini fillets are great candidates for stir-fries and skewers. 50g per fillet, approx 6 fillets per pack, boneless and skinless.

1x Fox River Australian Free-Range Whole Chicken, Frozen 1.2kg

Naturally fed, free-range whole chicken that is incredibly flavourful - my favourite way to eat chicken. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used.

1x New Zealand Grass-fed Beef Ribeye Steak, Frozen, 400g

The ribeye is a butchers’ favourite cut and the Carey’s like to age their beef the proper way. The higher concentration of marbling holds an abundance of flavour and juiciness in this grass-fed steak. 200g per steak, 2 steaks per pack.

1x Wicks Manor English Pork Tenderloin, Frozen, 350g

One of the most tender cuts of pork, it is also lean and flavourful. Our pork comes from a family-run farm in Essex where the pigs are free to roam in large pens and fed a natural, nutritious diet.

1x New Zealand Lamb Rack Frenched, Frozen, 400g-424g

 This prime cut of lamb consists of 8 racks per pack and is neatly trimmed. Grass fed, GMO-free hormone-free and antibiotic-free.

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