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Mojito, Alcohol Free

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Probably the most celebrated rum-based highball, the Mojito’s origin is clouded in mystery. One thing’s for certain: Cuba claims its creation. Like the drink itself, the Mojito’s story is one of adventure. One that takes you from the 16th century conquests of Francis Drake all the way to the novelist Ernest Hemingway who, according to legend, sipped his first Mojito in Havana’s illustrious restaurant, La Bodeguita del Medio. Whatever the myth, it all manifests in the famous fusion of rum, mint, sugar and lime. Make a new discovery: an alcohol-free Mojito, crafted by Savyll. The perfect balance of white rum, mint and lime flavors. Just top with crushed ice. As refreshing as a Caribbean breeze, a Mojito is perfect refreshment for hot summer days.

Carbonated Mojito flavored adult soft drink crafted with a balanced arrangement of white rum and mint flavor with refreshing lime. Fresh mint, sharp lime juice, and sweet rum essence evoke fond memories of sun-soaked shores of secluded Caribbean beaches.

Carbonated Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Sugar, Lime Juice Concentrate (1.0%), Natural Flavourings, Natural Extracts.

About the producer

Savyll, England