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Moscow Mule, Alcohol Free

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The story of the Moscow Mule is a cocktail of creativity. Take one American with the rights to Russia’s premium vodka (hence “Moscow”). Add a bar owner with a glut of ginger beer (its fiery kick is the “Mule”). Mix in a copper mug seller. Bring them together in an LA bar and stir in the problem that none can sell their wares. Just hours later, the Moscow Mule is born - vodka, ginger beer and lime served in copper mugs with ice and a mint garnish. With Savyll, the Moscow Mule is reimagined: alcohol-free, yet crafted to a fiery perfection. Enjoy the kick of a Moscow Mule all year-round. A copper mug, however, is definitely optional.

Carbonated Moscow Mule flavored adult soft drink crafted with a delicate balance of premium vodka, fiery ginger and mint flavors with lime. Ignite the burn of fiery ginger notes, fresh lime and crisp vodka essence. Quintessentially muddled and served in a chilled copper mug.

Carbonated Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Sugar, Lime Juice (4.6%) Natural Flavourings, Natural Extracts.

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Savyll, England