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Whiskey Sour, Alcohol Free

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The British Navy is often given the credit for ‘sours’ (which are basically scaled-down punches) as far back as the 17th century. Out on the ocean the basic ingredients made sense: spirits don’t go off, citrus guards against malnutrition and sugar makes for easy drinking. The oldest mention of a Whiskey Sour comes in 1870 in the Wisconsin newspaper The Waukasha Plain Dealer. And today it has become a truly all-year drink, with enough bourbon body for winter, and a sharp citrus tang to refresh you in summer Today you can sit back and savour the complex balance of sweet and sour in what is probably the oldest and original cocktail - alcohol free with Savyll.

Carbonated Whiskey Sour flavoured adult soft drink crafted with zesty lemon notes and refined,smoky bourbon essence. Savour the complex, smokey balance of sweet bourbon and sour lemon in what is probably the oldest and original cocktail.

Carbonated Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Sugar, Lemon Juice (5.2%), Natural Flavourings, Natural Extracts, Acid (Citric Acid).

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Savyll, England