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Rare Citrus Silent Pool Gin In a Box

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1x Rare Citrus Silent Pool Gin 70cl 

2x Silent Pool Glasses

A handcrafted, premium spirit from the beautiful Surrey Hills, England. 70cl.

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin is the first permanent addition to the Silent Pool Gin family. An innovative and alluring gin using complex flavours from some of the rarest citrus fruits found across the globe, such as Buddha's Hand, Natsu Dai Dai, Green Seville Orange and Hirado Buntan. Make no mistake - this is not a "flavoured" gin. This is a masterfully blended spirit that results in a beautifully aromatic gin with a unique taste. Bright and zesty notes are balanced with subtly sweet, enticingly rich and delicately spiced for a taste experience like no other.

About the producer

Silent Pool Gin, England