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Australian Southern Blue Fin Tuna

Product Description

250g, FROZEN

This is the finest tuna you'll fined in Singapore.  Our Southern Blue Fin Tuna is caught in the Great Australian Bight, the tuna is slowly and gently towed back to the pristine waters of Port Lincoln, where they continue to grow in large sea cages, fed only a natural diet to enhance their flavour.    Our tuna is the popular Akami cut (back and tail sections), a vibrant and popular red meat which is the leanest cut found in the back section 'top loin'.

This tuna is harvested using the Japanese iki hime method, the most humane and respectful ways to kill the fish whilst also preserving quality.  Our Tuna is handled with the highest of processing standards in very strict hygienic processing rooms located at the water's edge where the harvest vessels themselves berth.  Tuna are harvested, processed, blast frozen and dispatched on the same day. 

This Southern Blue Fin Tuna is certified sustainable with Friends of the Sea, with growth and harvesting overseen by the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Tuna determining quotas globally, and the Australian Fisheries Management Authority providing an additional layer of monitoring.

Our first batch of tuna has arrived in very large packaging and we apologise for this. We are working with our supplier to try to improve this and reduce the amount of plastic.