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Dark Chocolate Midnight Cake (Original)

Product Description

These decadent handcrafted chocolate cupcakes are covered with a dark chocolate ganache and sprinkled with edible gold flakes and Moroccan rose budsThe result is a rich, fluffy cupcake with a creamy finish. Can be enjoyed chilled or warmed. Allergen friendly, vegan and gluten-free. Frozen, box of 3, 70g per cake.

Serving Suggestion

Microwave on high for 1 min followed by 10 sec spurts, or warm in oven at 160 °C for 4-5 mins, until middle is soft.

Ingredients: Avocados, 70% couverture dark chocolate, organic brown rice milk (made in house), psyllium husk, molasses, cocoa powder, gluten free flours (corn, rice and tapioca flours), white cane sugar. 

Allergen Info: Contains soy lecithin (in dark chocolate), caffeine, cane sugar (molasses). It is produced in an exclusive kitchen to minimise cross contamination, however, the chocolate is not certified vegan or gluten free and may contain traces of dairy, nuts or gluten which are beyond the supplier's control. 

Psyllium husk is used instead of processed sugar and eggs, while butter is replaced with avocados, making these cakes amazingly light on the calorie side. No animal products or preservatives are used.

Róa is a Singapore-based artisanal patisserie founded by chief artisan Jane Tan, based on a belief that dietary restrictions should not be a reason to miss out on delicious treats. 

Find out more about Róa here.

Packaging: This product comes in a biodegradable paper box. Find out more about our Eco Journey here.

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