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Wallet Wise Meat Box

Product Description

A curated selection of our best-selling chicken, beef, pork and lamb products. Shop at $93 (U.P. $103.10).

1x Fox River Australian Free-Range Chicken Breast, Frozen, 300g 

Naturally fed, free-range chicken breasts which are incredibly versatile and boasts excellent flavour. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used.

1x Local Whole Chicken - Hormone and Antibiotic Free, Frozen, Regular (approx. 1.1 kg)

Our free-roaming chickens are raised in a clean, healthy and spacious environment, and fed a natural diet without growth hormones or antibiotics, resulting in leaner and more flavourful meat.

1x New Zealand Grass-fed Beef Mince, Frozen, 500g

The most versatile cut of beef there is. Our Angus Premium Beef Mince is hand-trimmed by butchers to be 90% lean, predominantly from the shin, blade, chuck and brisket.

1x Wicks Manor English Pork Chops, Frozen, 350g

A great-tasting, tender, quick-cooking cut of meat. 200g per chop, 2 per pack, bone-in. Our pork comes from a family-run farm in Essex where the pigs are free to roam in large pens and fed a natural, nutritious diet.

1x New Zealand Premium Lamb Mince, Frozen, 500g

Our grass-fed lamb is hormone and antibiotic free. It is sourced from private, quality-focused farmers.

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