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Wicks Manor Honey Roast Half Ham, Boneless 1kg

Product Description

Frozen hams available!

Fresh hams will be available for delivery approximately 14th December 2017

cooked, boneless

Payments are non refundable for all pre-orders.

All our pork products include our seasonal hams come from Wicks Manor Farm in the English countryside.  This is a small family-run farm where the pigs are raised as close to nature as possible!  It's a farm Sasha visits regularly, so you can be 100% confident in the quality of these products.   

Our Smoked Hams are cured for 4-5 days using the Wiltshire method (brine soaking), smoked in an aromatic blend of oak and beechwood (or left unsmoked), and cooked on the farm; Wicks Manor Smoked ham tastes the way a ham should- moist, tender, and full of flavour. Honey-roasted hams are glazed with honey for a slightly sweet finish.

Fed a natural diet of wheat and barley (grown and milled on the farm at Wicks Manor), reared with best practice farming techniques, and an attention to animal welfare means UK nationally-recognised, high-quality, and great tasting pork.’

Wicks Manor is also a leader in sustainable welfare practices, and offers us full product traceability from farm to fork.