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Tutto Pasta

Rocco & Lina Crea are the owners of Tutto Pasta; Rocco was born in Calabria, Italy and Lina was born in Sicily, Italy.   They migrated to Adelaide, Australia in the early 1960’s, carrying with them a deep love of Italian cooking and in particular their lasagna and cannelloni dishes - two precious family recipes that had been passed down the family for generations.  
Their passion for providing authentic Italian meals led them to establish Tutto Pasta in 1994, a family-run business supported by their daughter Christina and 3 other daughters who have all been involved in Tutto Pasta since its formation 20+ years ago.   This hands-on family approach ensures a rigorous approach to quality and flavour, as each member has a say in testing and approving every new product - nothing is confirmed unless all family members are in agreement! 
The Crea family uses mainly locally sourced ingredients and all products are free of artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives.  They have taken a strong interest in developing a range of fabulous gluten-free meals which we are very pleased to stock at Sasha’s Fine Foods.  These products require special processing techniques to ensure they are truly gluten-free and comply with all necessary standards.  Products are made fresh, they’re immediately blast chilled and frozen to ensure nothing of the authentic flavour is lost.  We are delighted to sell their cherished family dishes including including Gluten Free Vegetarian Lasagne, Spinach and Gluten Free Ricotta Cannelloni and Pumpkin, Ricotta and Pine Nut Ravioli.  We also offer Tutto Pasta's gluten free lasagne sheets and spaghetti pasta for those who wish to create their own dishes.
Tutto Pasta is HACCP accredited by SAI Global.   Tutto has several prestigious awards to its name Including the Premier Food Awards.  



An Irish health food company founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Brian and Rachel Nolan, Nobó's mission is to create delicious, innovative, dairy-free alternatives to ice cream.

The team spent 18 months on research and product development before bringing their first "frozen goodness" to market in 2014. These silky smooth, flavour-packed ice creams are made from just a few ingredients that we can all recognise in our own pantries - namely coconut milk, avocado and honey, Nobó's ice cream are a guilt-free, healthy treat for young and old. 

The best part? Nobó's ice cream flavours have won 8 'Great Taste Awards', an accolade bestowed by the prestigeous Guild of Fine Foods (U.K.).  Also named as one of the Top 50 Foods in the UK and Ireland. 


Sambazon Acai from The Brazilian Amazon

Sambazon started modestly in 2000 in the USA with the simple goal of using the Brazilian acaí berry (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) as a vehicle to promote and further sustainability while providing consumers with healthy, delicious and antioxidant-packed products. Today, the company’s organic smoothies and blends have reached SE Asia, and I am delighted to stock them at Sasha's Fine Foods.

Acai is a small purple berry, with a rich berry-cocoa flavour which has been part of the indigenous Brazilian diet for centuries because of its versatility and high nutrient qualities. It is naturally sugar free, and packed with antioxidants, healthy omegas, polyphenols and flavonoids (like those in red wine). Açaí has a perfect combination of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, giving it a creamy feel with lots of trace minerals and essential nutrients.  

At the heart of this unique company is an inspiring team of entrepreneurs whose main purpose is to be socially responsible by being dedicating themselves to their local farmers, communities and the environment in which they work.   Sambazon operates as a 'triple bottom line' business where success is measured economically, socially and environmentally.  They work closely with local and international NGOs, including The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, Peabiru Institute, Amapa and Para State Federal Universities and more, to preserve the Amazon Rainforest, ensure that açaí berries are sustainably harvested, and that farmers are paid fair wages.  

Click here for a range of spectacular recipes directly from Sambazon. 

Read more here from The Guardian about Sambazon's achievements and accolades.  

Visit Sambazon here to view how they work and what's at the heart of their business.

Boylans Fruits


We now sell a range of frozen fruits from Boylans Fruits, an Irish company which has been in the business for over 25 years with expertise in both growing and processing high quality frozen fruit products.

Boylans Fruits use a combination of Irish and imported fruits to fulfil demand on a year-round basis. The team at Boylan's, like ourselves, only work with farmers they themselves know and insist on full visibility through the supply chain from the conditions under which the fruits grow right through to the factory conditions used during processing and packaging.

Boylans Frozen Fruits are picked, immediately frozen and packed. When fruit is picked, it starts to lose its nutrients but because it is frozen immediately, the freshness and nutrients are locked in. They have a long shelf life and if stored correctly, can be in your freezer for up to a year. In addition, Boylans offer resealable packs, and contain no added sugars, additives or preservatives. Frozen fruit is also naturally gluten-free and low in fat.

Boylans do not buy organic berries as they believe the quality of the commercially grown fruits are better. Supply and quality can both be issues with organic fruit. What they do instead is buy their berries from suppliers who work within the very strict EU regulations and Global BRC (British Retail Consortium) Standards. All of their suppliers have to test for pesticide levels and these must fall within the standards set by EU regulations and the BRC standards. Boylans then do their own analysis before they are satisfied with the quality and they then release the berries for packaging. 

The Kitchen On The Cape, Cape Leewin, Western Australia 

The Kitchen On The Cape

The Kitchen was set up by two ladies who love to cook, excited about developing delicious gut healing, nourishing and delicious broths. Based in Karridale, between Margaret River and Augusta on Cape Leeuwin, surrounded by fabulous fresh produce and talented producers, they use only free range pasture raised chicken and grass fed beef sourced from a local farm. I spent a lovely couple of hours on this incredible family run cattle farm last year, where the family control the whole “farm to fork” process, including having their very own boning room and processing facility on their family farm. Vegetables are also from local producers.

Broths have been developed to be used on their own or as a base for soup, gravy, or curry etc., anything that requires a bit more liquid. Adding fresh turmeric and ginger to the chicken broth to heal and nourish makes these broths perfect for weary workers or tired children. The health benefits of drinking bone broth are plentiful, packed full of magnesium, glucosamine, chondroitin it is really good for inflammatory problems, arthritis and joint pain.


From a mom-and-pop ice cream parlour founded in 1954 in the village of Kilrea, Northern Ireland, the Mullins ice cream business has grown dramatically over the last 60 years. The company now has over 50 ice cream parlours across the country and is stocked by major supermarkets in the UK. 

To cater to a growing number of lactose intolerant consumers, Mullins developed the Bally Bleat range of goat's milk ice cream, which has won a prestigious Great Taste Award.