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The Essential Broth Co

The Essential Broth Co are specialists in nutrient-dense NZ-made bone broth. The broths are lovingly brewed with the best, locally sourced ingredients they can find. Essential Broth Co are passionate about the health benefits of broth, and a food system that benefits people and the planet. 

Essential Broth Co use only ingredients that are produced through sustainable practices. Their kitchens are on the North Shore in Auckland, New Zealand. 


Samosaco makes the most delicious range of Indian vegetarian snacks from their kitchen in Wales.

Their family-run business started by selling authentic and traditional Indian samosas to friends. Now, Samosaco has a custom built factory based in Pontyclun, Wales, selling all over the UK and now internationally.

Packed full of flavour, completely vegetarian and with no artificial preservatives, MSG or GM products used, these snacks have been going down a storm. The perfect starter for a dinner party, great if you fancy a little treat and perfect to use as nibbles if you are hosting a group of people.  The best thing is that they are so quick and easy to prepare.

Even though the business has grown considerably since their humble beginnings, it is certain that they have not lost sight of their passion - a love for homemade, traditional and authentic tasting samosas and Indian snacks.

The Brook

The Brook have developed a range of delicious meals in order to show the world how incredible plant-based food can be. They believe living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle shouldn't be associated with sacrificing the things you enjoy, but simply finding new ways to enjoy them. They have spent 5 years developing a range of flavour-packed, nutrient rich dishes that demonstrate just how incredible vegan food can be.

The dishes are made in small batches in house every day and created with the same level of care and passion every time. Brook have developed these recipes as they understand how hard it can be to sustain eating a plant-based diet in today's busy lifestyles.

Brook hope to help you achieve the lifestyle diet you want, without having to compromise on quality.

One Planet Pizza

One Planet Pizza is the UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company and is ran by a family in Norfolk, England. Every pizza is lovingly made from scratch by hand using authentic Italian pizza flour. Generously topped with the families tomato sauce recipe that is packed with flavour and naturally thickened with healthy chia seeds. Fresh herbs and garlic are in abundance and fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced locally where possible.

The sheese (cheese replacement) is supplied by the multi-award-winning gurus at Bute Island Foods. It tastes, melts and smells delicious.

The pizza boxes are 100% biodegradable and the box wrap is fully recyclable and made from recycled materials.

La Tua Pasta

La Tua was opened by Carolina and Francesco Boggian who wanted to create a pasta which top chefs would proudly serve in their restaurants as if it was their own creation. Today they supply their pasta to deli’s and restaurants throughout London and have a permanent stand in the famous and buzzing Borough Market. All their pastas are carefully made by hand using the best Italian ingredients.



Speyfruit have been impressing their customers with quality and freshness for over 18 years. In the past five years, the company have successfully maintained British Retail Consortium Certification, which confirms that, at Speyfruit, quality and freshness have never been compromised.

Ian Taylor started this business in 2008 when he saw a niche in the market for processing fruits and vegetables. He and his team carefully source the highest quality produce from a combination of Scottish, British and imported sources in order to fulfil demand on a year-round basis. They work with suppliers who they have known for a long time and they trust. From this relationship, they deeply understand the supply chain and conditions of the fruit and vegetables that they purchase. Also, their state-of-the-art food processing and cold storage facilities enable them to meet a strict food standard requirements. All of these are key factors making Speyfruit the largest fruit and vegetable processor in the North East of Scotland.

Amazonia, Australia

From a tiny kitchen in laid-back Fremantle, Western Australia, Amazonia was born. Their founder, Dwayne, had been eating Açaí for a few months and was feeling more energised. Invigorated by the difference these whole nutrients made, Dwayne had to share his little health revolution with the people around him.

Amazonia has now grown into a global health food leader, built on sustainable business practice. With a focus on plant-based food sources, Amazonia now preserves tens of thousands of acres of rainforest to produce only nature’s authentic products.

Their sustainable cultivation methods have the utmost respect for the land and they are a lifeline that generates economic and environmental benefits. They provide income for local farmers and keep massive areas of rainforest and plantations standing through their sustainable business model. They believe in organic agriculture, and tree-oriented agroforestry is a big part of the solution.

"Life creates life, the earth is an ecosystem and we cannot thrive without nurturing this ecosystem that sustains human life".

Amazonia only uses organic and real nutrients - absolutely no synthetic vitamins, additives, or GMO in any of their supplements. They are Australian Certified Organic.

The Kitchen On The Cape, Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia 

The Kitchen On The Cape



The Kitchen On The Cape was set up by two ladies who love to cook, excited about developing delicious gut-healing, nourishing and delicious broths. Based in Karridale, between Margaret River and Augusta on Cape Leeuwin, surrounded by fabulous fresh produce and talented producers, they use only free-range pasture-raised chicken and grass-fed beef sourced from a local farm. I spent a lovely couple of hours on this incredible family-run cattle farm last year, where the family control the whole “farm-to-fork” process, including having their very own boning room and processing facility on their family farm. Vegetables are also from local producers. Broths have been developed to be used on their own or as a base for soup, gravy, or curry etc. - anything that requires a bit more liquid. Adding fresh turmeric and ginger to the chicken broth to heal and nourish makes these broths perfect for weary workers or tired children.

The health benefits of drinking bone broth are plentiful, packed full of magnesium, glucosamine, chondroitin it is really good for inflammatory problems, arthritis and joint pain.