Our Loyalty Programme

Loyalty Programme

You will start to accumulate points as soon as you have verified your account and placed your first order. When you check out for the first time and have confirmed your account details, your account will then be active and you can start enjoying points from your next order.


You will be awarded with 2 points for every $1 spent. 

You can begin redeeming your points once you have accumulated 1,000 Points ($500 spent).

Do note that if you use your points redemption when you check out, you will not be able to add another discount code to the same order.

Your current balance of Points will always be visible when you are shopping, in your Cart under your Subtotal. There is a "Loyalty Points" button here as well which will show you how much your Points are worth. If you have enough Points and wish to redeem them, simply click "Redeem" and this will generate a code which you can copy and paste at Checkout. Paste your code in the box and your final balance will be recalculated.

Voucher field

There is no minimum spend to qualified for Delivery (delivery fee $10).  However, for Free Delivery, you have to spend over $100 after any discount code has been applied.


Write a review

You will receive 50 points for every product you review. Do note that you can only receive 50 points once per product. 


Refer a Friend rewards

We also have a fabulous "Refer a Friend" program which adds 1000 points to your account. In addition, your friend will receive a $15 coupon which can be used when he or she places their first order. It is very simple to use, and the extra points will help provide you with more savings at checkout.

Note that existing customers cannot be referred. Only new customers who have never registered with Sasha’s Fine Foods are eligible for the $15 discount. The $15 discount will be effective when the new customer applies their discount code before checking out.

To refer a friend, just follow the guide below. 



Below you'll find a summary of the earning and redemption rules and benefits of the loyalty programme.

Activity Reward
Every $1 spent 2 points
Writing a product review 50 points
Referring a friend 1,000 points


Redemption Discount
1,000 points $15 voucher
2,000 points $35 voucher
4,000 points $75 voucher