Our Story


 We promise to provide you with food you can trust, with no nasties, from inspirational farmers who are given a fair price, and look after their workers and animals.


You will receive the best tasting, highest quality food available on the market. All of our products are carefully sourced and curated to ensure you only receive the best.


We want to remain community focused in everything we do. From sourcing products to delivering goods, we look to be the most planet positive online grocer in Singapore.


I am a food-loving mum of three who relocated to Singapore from London with my husband and kids in 2008. A lawyer by background, I left that world behind and grabbed the opportunity to focus on raising my young family in Asia, and embracing all that was to go with such an adventure.

I was inspired by the vast selection of incredible food and ingredients available in Singapore, but like many new arrivals, I found it very difficult to buy food staples I could trust. Despite the proliferation of supermarkets and grocers, many essentials like quality meat and seafood were of dubious origin. Few if any retailers were clearly labeling where these products came from, if nasties were used in their production, or how the animals and fish were raised. This lack of transparency, along with increasing reports about food scandals and safety, led me to producers in New Zealand and Australia.

By sourcing food this way, I was able to get much closer to the farmers and their produce, reinstating my trust in the food I was feeding my family. I was thrilled with my deliveries, knowing exactly from whom I was buying and understanding the farmer’s ethos around animal welfare, diet etc. Once my friends tasted the quality and flavour of the products I was buying, they were quick to add to my increasingly regular shipments.

In 2011 I officially opened for business and within weeks, I found myself personally managing a fast-developing business - dashing to make airport collections of stock, packing fresh products and darting around the island in my car packed to the roof with coolers every Friday to make the once-weekly customer deliveries.

Hiring a small team and renting our own truck took the business to a whole new level. We had become a thriving online food company selling a complete range of high quality, ethically sourced ‘clean’ products delivered to homes across the island. Food-savvy shoppers in Singapore now had some real choice in terms of quality and in how they bought their weekly supplies. Today we have a fleet of trucks and drivers, a team of 35 staff and a huge warehouse in Jurong. The business has certainly come a long way since those early days when I worked alone!


"Exceptional food. Expertly sourced."

From day one, I made the decision that I would only sell products from suppliers I have personally met and vetted and who share my vision to provide customers with the purest food on the planet.

I am guided by a set of simple philosophies which are rooted in understanding where our food comes from, ensuring it is as close to its natural state as possible and that it has been produced and delivered with care and respect for the animals, the environment and the individuals who bring it to us through every step of the supply chain.

I love to support the "small guy", the local farmer who is trying to farm in the right way and to help him avoid resorting to mass production where all his principles have to be uncomfortably buried in order to make a living.

Above everything else, I believe passionately that food is to be enjoyed, an experience that is at its best when products have been created with an eye to the impact on the wider world; the land, the sea, the animals and the people - all which play such a vital role in allowing us the privilege of enjoying beautiful everyday food.