How to Contact Sasha's Fine Foods

e: enquiries@sff.sg
t: +65 6273 0752

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 7AM – 9PM
Weekends and Public Holidays: 9AM – 6PM 


Refunds & Cancellations

Incorrect Items: If we have sent you an incorrect item or missed an item from your order, please notify us within 24 hours of delivery.  We will issue you with a refund.  Please note that refunds take up to 10 business days to be credited back to the card. 

Damaged/Defective Items: If you are unsatisfied with any of the items in your order from Sasha’s Fine Foods Pte Ltd due to issues on shelf life, discrepancy in appearance, size, weight or temperature, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery. We will be happy to provide you with a refund for any affected item, or any item that has been damaged in transit. Please note that re-delivery is subject to stock availability and delivery schedule. Product claims have to be accompanied by photos of the affected item/s.

Out of Stocks & Swaps: We will always notify you beforehand if there are out of stock items in your order or if we need to swap certain items in your order (e.g. - fresh to frozen). Often, we receive a response only after the order has been dispatched. If you are unsatisfied with the items swapped in your order once it has been delivered, please contact our customer service team and we would be glad to work out a solution for you.

Order Cancellation: If you wish to cancel your entire order*, you may do so up to 2 days (48 hours) before delivery and receive a full refund. Any orders* cancelled less than 48 hours before delivery will be charged in full and are non-refundable.

* Not applicable to pre-orders. Pre-orders are strictly non-refundable.

Changes to an Order

Add Items to an Order: If you wish to add items to your order, you do so by adding the items you want to your cart as normal and selecting the order you would like the items to be added to at the 'Cart' page.

Things to note:

  • You can only do so up to 1pm the day before your delivery is scheduled.
  • There will be no additional delivery fee for adding items as long as the minimum spend is reached.
  • If you then qualify for free delivery, you will be refunded the delivery fee paid on your initial order.
  • Vouchers and coupon codes are also eligible on your updated order, subject to terms and conditions.
  • You will receive an email confirmation once we have received your request to add on to your order and a follow-up email.

Remove Items from an Order: If you wish to remove certain items* from your order, please notify us by 1pm the day before your delivery is scheduled. Kindly note that we only accept requests for order edits during office hours. If your items are scheduled for delivery on Monday, please let us know if you would like to add or remove items* from your order by Saturday, 1pm.

We operate with an open and honest policy at Sasha’s Fine Foods and will work our hardest to make sure we can accommodate and act on any problems or suggestions.

Not applicable to pre-order items. Pre-order items are strictly non-refundable.

Loyalty Programme

We have a simple Loyalty Programme that awards 2 point for every $1 spent. You also receive points for referring a friend.  You can track your points by visiting your account details. You are automatically joined into the programme once you register with us as a customer, so there's no need to take any additional action. However, you will need to accrue a minimum of 500 points before you can redeem against your shopping.  

Q: How do I refer a friend via the referral scheme*?
A: To refer a friend, simply send them your unique referral link found at the tab at the bottom right corner labelled 'Sasha's Loyalty Programme'. Once you have signed up or logged in, click on the 'Refer friends' tab and you should be able to find your unique referral link. Anyone you refer will receive $25 off their first shop and you will receive 1000 points (worth $15).

Q: I have referred a friend via the loyalty programme. When will I receive my 1000 points?
A: Your points will be credited to your account 2 days after your friend has successfully made a purchase using your referral code and spent above $100 dollars (after the discount is applied).

Q: How do I redeem my points?

  1. On the bottom right-hand corner of our website, click on the "Sasha's Loyalty Programme" tab. 
  2. Proceed to log in if you have not. 
  3. In the section "Get rewards", the button under each voucher will turn blue and appear as "Get reward" once you have sufficient points to redeem. 
  4. Once redeemed, you will receive a code which you can then apply at the final stage of checkout.
Q: If I use a promotion code when I checkout, can I also redeem some of my points against the same order?
A: No, if you have a discount code, you will not be able to use it and also redeem points from the same order. If you have a promotion code, you may want to use it and save your points redemption for your next order.
Q: When will my voucher expire?
A: The vouchers redeemed using your loyalty points do not expire.

Q: When will my points expire?
A: Your points will expire 6 months after your last order. Unfortunately, your points cannot be reinstated once it has expired.

* Please note that Sasha's Fine Foods reserves the right to withhold, investigate or invalidate any referrals or use of discount codes it deems to be fraudulent or suspicious. This includes but is not limited to referrers having the same name, contact number or residential address as the person(s) they have referred.


Q: I am having issues logging in / placing an order.
A: If you are having issues with logging in or ordering, please clear your cache and refresh our page. If the problems persist, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q: I requested that my password be sent to me but I can't find it in my inbox.
A: Please check your junk / spam folder. The automated email is sent very quickly so if you don’t see it within 5 minutes, do let us know.

Q: I was able to checkout without selecting the delivery slot, what should I do?
A: Please call or email us ASAP to let us know your preferred delivery slot. Please also make sure your JavaScript is enabled before you checkout. If it is disabled, it could prevent the alert from working that tells you that you need to add a delivery slot. 

Q. Does Sasha's Fine Foods have a mobile app?
A. No we do not have a mobile app but our website is mobile optimised.

Q: Do you have a physical store?
A: Sasha’s Fine Foods is exclusively online - we do not have a walk-in shop. You can however buy a selection of our best selling products at The Providore Downtown if you do wish to see some of them "in the flesh".  


Q: Is there a self collection option?
A: No, unfortunately we do not allow for self collection at this moment.

Q: Can I place an order on the phone or by email?
A: No, orders can only be placed and paid online on our website.

Q: How will SFF communicate with me once I have placed my order?
A: You will receive a confirmation email of your order, delivery date and time. You will receive another email when your driver is out for delivery. If there are any issues with any products in your order, we will be in touch by phone.

Q: How will my order be packed?
A: We are temporarily suspending our use of reusable crates and will instead deliver all produce in plastic bags for safety reasons. We are hopeful that this will be a temporary measure and encourage all of our customers to reuse plastic bags where possible. 

Q: Do you offer gift cards/vouchers?
A: Yes, you can purchase gift vouchers in denominations of $50 and $100 on our online gift shop. Find out more here.


Q: What is your minimum order for delivery and what are the delivery fees?
A: We do not have a minimum order for deliveries. For orders under $100, the delivery fee is $10, after discounts (including Loyalty Points) have been applied and excluding the delivery fee.  Orders of $150 and above qualify for Free Same Day Delivery (Monday-Saturday), while orders of $100 and above qualify for Free Next Day Delivery (Monday-Sunday), after discounts have been applied (including Loyalty Points) and excluding delivery fee.

Q: I have received my delivery but an item from my order is wrong, missing or damaged?
A: In the event that something has been missed, please let us know immediately. Missing, wrong or damaged items must be declared within 24 hours of receiving your order. Please note that re-delivery is subject to stock availability and delivery schedule. Product claims have to be accompanied by photos of the affected item/s. If an item is found to be missing from your order, or you have received the wrong product, we will issue a refund. 

Q: I just realised that I won't be home during the delivery slot – what can I do?
A: Please let us know as soon as possible to arrange an alternative time for delivery. Please note that deliveries that need to be rescheduled on the day, will incur a $10 redelivery fee. 

Q: How do I change my delivery address? 
A: You can update your contact details and address at any time in My Account. If you need to change the delivery address for an existing order, please contact enquiries@sff.sg.

Q: Can I pay cash on delivery?
A: No, we do not accept payment via cash. All payments for orders can only be made by card on the website.

Q: I have received my items but have decided I don't want one of the products. Can I return it?
A: Unfortunately we cannot take back products that are in good condition once they have been received by you. This is because product safety may have been compromised as the cool chain will have been broken and we therefore can’t resell the products.

Q. Can I reserve my delivery slot? 
Our time slots operate on a first come first serve basis when you order online.  We are not able to reserve any delivery slots as we want to be fair to all customers. 

 Q. Can your driver deliver at a specific time within the time slot? 
A. No. We can only guarantee delivery within the 2 hour time slots.   


Q: How can I stay up-to-date with your latest promotions and special deals?
A: We encourage you to sign up to our email newsletter to receive all the latest news on launches and promotions. You can also follow us on social media. On the website, please view our Promotions Collection which is kept up to date with all our latest offers. 

Q: If I use a promotion code when I checkout, can I also redeem some of my points against the same order?
A: No, if you have a discount code, you will not be able to use it and also redeem points from the same order. If you have a promotion code, you may want to use it and save your points redemption for your next order.

* Please note that Sasha's Fine Foods reserves the right to withhold, investigate or invalidate any referrals or use of discount codes it deems to be fraudulent or suspicious. This includes but is not limited to multiple accounts being created under the same name, contact number or residential address.

Account Setup

Q: Do I have to create an account to shop with you?
A: You only need to enter your contact and delivery details to shop with us. You can create an account and fill out the rest of your details at your own leisure here.

Q: What are the benefits of setting up an account with you? 

  1. Your details are saved so you don’t need to enter your contact details and delivery address again.
  2. You will accrue Loyalty Points for every dollar you spend – read more here.
  3. You will be able to see, and order from your previous orders.
  4. You will be able to create a wish list of your favourite products and/or products that catch your eye for another day.


Q: How long can I keep my fresh produce for?
A: We recommend consuming any fresh produce within 1 day of receipt. We then recommend freezing it as soon as possible to maintain optimum freshness.

Q: Can I freeze my delivery?
A: Any of our products that you have received fresh (not listed as frozen) have never been frozen before. This means that you can portion and freeze as required. You can of course put your frozen items straight into your freezer as well. We guarantee that they have never been defrosted as they are taken straight from our freezer warehouse and transported to your home in the specially adapted freezer cabin of our trucks.

Q: How long can I keep my frozen produce for?
A: We recommend consuming any frozen produce within 6 months of the date the item is frozen for maximum freshness.

Frozen vs Fresh

Q: Why is 'fresh' not an option for some products?
A: Under AVA regulations, there are certain products that we have to import frozen - pork from the UK, chicken & duck from anywhere in the world. 

Other products we choose to have frozen at source - Inverawe Smoked Fish, all white fish from New Zealand. This is because the shelf life of seafood is very short and we believe it is much better to seal in the freshness at source by freezing the fish as soon as it has been processed.

Some products we import fresh but freeze as soon as they arrive. These include our lamb mince, diced beef & lamb, stir fry beef. Because these products have been cut into very small pieces, they have a much shorter shelf life. We therefore choose to freeze these when they arrive, again to seal in the freshness. Other beef and lamb products have much longer shelf lives.

Our Very Own Meals and Pies are frozen immediately - natures way of preserving, rather than using nasty preservatives.

Q: Do you ever defrost any products and sell them as 'fresh', 'chilled' or 'defrosted'?
A: No we do not, a lot of stores do this as some people perceive frozen as being inferior to fresh. We prefer to be completely transparent and keep our products in the best condition to seal in freshness and flavour. If something is fresh on our website, we guarantee it has never ever been frozen.

Product Labelling

Q: Why are your products no longer advertised as hormone & antibiotic-free?
A: As per SFA rules, no products from any retailer are allowed to be labelled as hormone free. For more info, click here.

Products (Beef/ Lamb)

Q: Why is my meat/mince red on the outside and brown in the middle?
A: Meat/mince, especially beef and lamb, has a red colour due to the presence of haemoglobin, which is the component that makes blood red. Once exposed to air, haemoglobin reacts with oxygen giving meat its characteristic "blood red" colour. The surface sections of the meat/mince exposed to air will develop this red colour while the sections on the interior will remain a darker hue. As the meat/mince is allowed to come in contact with air, it will gain its red colour. The industry term for this is 'blooming'. This is a very common occurrence, and does not affect the quality of the meat.

Q: What is the difference between striploin and sirloin?
A: The striploin (called the shortloin in the US) is the part of the loin from just behind the ribs, whereas the sirloin is further back. The striploin is generally more tender than the sirloin, as it is a lesser used muscle.

Products (Poultry)

Q: How do I select the perfect cut of chicken for my tastes and requirements?
A: Chicken thighs are best for frying as they have a higher moisture content than chicken breasts. They are also the perfect choice for many oven baked chicken dishes due to their high moisture content– see our recipes page for inspiration.

Chicken breasts are best when coated in breadcrumbs or baked in a sealed packet as this helps to retain the moisture, stopping the meat from drying out during cooking.

Q: What are the feeds given to your local chicken?

A: The chicks are fed with a specially formulated feed that is 100% natural. It is made up of natural corn feed (95% of the feed), crushed soya beans, selenium and probiotics (which build up their immunity naturally). 

Products (Pork)

Q: Is pork considered a red or white meat?
A: According to wikipedia, pork is considered white meat under the culinary definition but red meat in nutritional studies. We will leave you to decide but we have placed pork in the No Red Meat Boxes as we have approached these from a culinary perspective.

Products (Fish)

Q: Are there bones in / scales on the fish?
A: All of our fish fillets have been filleted, scaled and deboned. However, as with all filleted fish, there is a small chance a bone or scale may have been missed so please be aware of this.

Products (Dairy)

Q: Are your products pasteurised?
A: Our milk and coconut yoghurt is pasteurised. 

Q: Can your Hokkaido Fresh Milk be stored at room temperature if unopened?
No, it has to be refrigerated at all times.

Products (Halal)

Q: Are any of your products Halal? 
A: Whilst our warehouse is not Halal certified, all produce from the following suppliers are certified Halal from source:

  • Origin South New Zealand Lamb
  • Oh My Goodness! Cakes, Bread & Pizza Bases
  • HIC Cold-Pressed Juices