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When it comes to sourcing our meat we take time to ensure our suppliers are farming sustainably and carefully. Personally I don’t believe you can beat grass fed beef and lamb. The flavour is delicious and production this way, leaves minimal environmental impact.

As per SFA rules, no products are allowed to be labelled as hormone free. For more info, click here.

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$7.57/100g Frozen
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$6.28/100g Frozen
Delicious roasted Silver Hill Crispy Whole Duck with green onions, hoisin sauce and Chinese pancakes on a wooden board
$7.15/100g Frozen
$5.67/100g Frozen
$4.84/100g Frozen
$3.53/100g Frozen
$3.37/100g Frozen
Deliciously cooked Fox River Australian Free-Range Chicken Tenderloin with tomato, carrot and potato on a blue plate
$5.64/100g Frozen
$3.56/100g Frozen
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Tea break with Wicks Manor English Pork & Apple Sausages | Source from Online grocer Sasha's Fine Foods
$3.15/100g Frozen
$5.50/100g Frozen
Fresh chicken livers with some flour from Sasha's Fine Foods
$7.60/100g Frozen