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...the delivery standards are far better than many other online grocers.
For us, grocery shopping used to be limited to whatever supermarkets had which was mediocre at best, or big name online grocers where we had to rush to secure limited delivery slots and worry about inconsistent delivery standards. It's great to have discovered Sasha's because we are able to easily and conveniently order a wide range of healthy, ethically sourced food that was previously unavailable to us. Plus, the delivery standards are far better than many other online grocers. Since the time we started to order from Sasha's, items have arrived promptly and the team has been reliable and professional. The delivery team always makes it a pleasant experience as they always come with a smile and are unfailingly polite. Our favourite items at the moment are the Rhug Estate organic meats, particularly lamb, as well as Chalk Stream trout and your wonderful pork pies which we can't get anywhere else.



Life is too short to not eat good, and more importantly healthy food.

What made me buy from Sasha's Fine Foods was the meat. I was worried about the origins of meat in Asia and I knew from a friend that Sasha visited all of her suppliers personally. The only way that you can really know where your food comes from is to visit the producer yourself or trust someone who has (i.e. Sasha). I used to use SFF less often for special purchases. When we had friends over for a BBQ or cooking a special meal for my wife Lydia; but then we started to shop more regularly. Life is too short to not eat good, and more importantly healthy food, and before Sasha's Fine Foods our helper Tata used to buy most of the food and would pride herself in getting a cheap bill. That scared me a little as I am sure the local supermarkets in Singapore don't care too much about provenance and would certainly compromise on quality if it meant more margins. So now we will order regularly (once every two weeks or so). What I really like is the growing Sasha's Farms range, I have replaced soft (sugary) drinks with Sasha's Farms Kombucha, and both Lydia won't miss our daily morning shot first thing every morning! The coconut oil is also one of my favorite things, I used to use it for cooking but it is too good, so now I put it on my hair and skin!. And of course Sasha's home made fish pie, we eat once a week!

What a game changer finding Sasha’s Fine Foods has been for me.

As a busy mum of three I used to race around Singapore grabbing meat from one place, fish from the other and at the same time trying to find tasty gluten free goodies. What a game changer finding Sasha’s Fine Foods has been for me. I so look forward to our weekly delivery of meat, fish, veg and bread, plus the sneaky treats that magically end up in my order…..! Over the last few years we have adjusted our diets so we eat less meat and what we do eat has to be the very best quality I can get my hands on. As a family, animal husbandry and welfare is our top priority and I always feel absolutely confident that what I buy from Sasha firmly ticks this box. My favourite fish are Mount Cook Salmon and melt in your mouth Patogonian Toothfish and my favourite meat is the Sutton Hoo Chicken.

Charlotte P.
When I arrived in Singapore 8 years ago I found it very hard shopping for good quality meat produce. When I became pregnant with my first child this became even more important to me. When I found Sasha’s, it was a relief that I could purchase meat that was sustainably sourced and of great quality. When the products started expanding they were excellent as I could get a lot of my groceries from Sasha’s. During the circuit breaker I felt like I didn’t have to worry as I felt Sasha’s was organised and I didn’t have to worry about all the items not being delivered when required. Also, the loyalty program is great.

Maria T.

I first came across Sasha’s Fine Foods when the company started out as “The Barbie Girls”. That was so long ago so I can’t fully remember what I first bought, but knew we would be forever clients when my three young children (back then) fell head over heels in love with the salmon and trout. After so many years, the children always say “it’s not as good as Sasha’s” if they come across salmon from another supplier! But we also have a lot of close seconds like the fresh pasta, cheeses, and chorizo. The mini burgers and sausages are also always good to have in the freezer for that last-minute play date. And the big bag of prawns has saved our household more than once on a hectic Sunday evening. In addition to the quality of the food, I value Sasha's reliability - I can count on a timely delivery, or a generous ahead of time notice if something is unavailable. I like the family-run feel even after so many years!

Anna V.

Luckily for me someone recommended Sasha's Fine Foods early on into my Singapore life. Before becoming a regular SFF shopper then it would be a mission to get to a butcher and I have never found such good fish anywhere else in Singapore. Once you have tasted some of the salmon you can’t ever go back to buying salmon from anywhere else EVER... the quality and taste is just not the same, it literally melts in your mouth. I love that Sasha has been increasing the product range, great to have new options on the table. Their customer service and delivery is spot on, never have i had an issue with delivery or customer support - so helpful. I can’t pick one Favourite product so my top 3 are the entire salmon range, shepherds pie and the lamb fillets... oh and the Parma ham! Happy birthday to Sasha and her wonderful team.

Olivia R.
After having some health issues I became very conscious about the food me and my family ate and I starting looking for high quality meat and fish at reasonable prices. I love that the products on Sasha´s website are completely traceable and don’t contain any hormones or antibiotics. At Sasha´s they even cater to my gluten and dairy free diet and when I place an order not only do I get meat and fish but also bread, milk, eggs, yoghurt, fruits and vegetables. I particularly love the salmon from Mt. Cook and the prosciutto parma ham is a regular on our weekly Sunday platter.





I enjoy ordering from Sasha’s Fine Foods as there is a variety of foods/dishes to choose from. I appreciate that much thought has been put into what is offered. One item which is a favourite with my family is Shepherd’s Pie. My son really enjoys it. It was never a dish he would eat before but now he is a fan of Sasha’s Shepherd’s Pie! I have tried a number of items from Sasha’s and I look forward to trying more items from Sasha’s! Great job! Happy 9th Anniversary!

Gillian T.

I came over to Sasha's after months of poor service from another grocer who grew too big too quickly. Despite the higher prices and smaller variety of goods, I took a deep breath, checked my wallet for big bills, and decided to give Sasha's a try. I was not disappointed. The careful attention of the owners to the quality and condition of food, right up to point of delivery, was made possible by the tight ship they run. The personal touch and the way staff like Leonard, Pamela, Manilee and many others is probably their best marketing tool. You are not dealing with a money-collecting machine, but with individuals whose name you know and can be depended upon to make decisions when necessary. More like the kind of Grocer you used to know at the neighbourhood store. I did wish they would sell more of the 101 other things I love to eat, but have come to realise that enlarging inventory might come at a sacrifice to quality and focus. What was my favourite thing about Sasha's? It was undoubtedly the get-together-cum-cooking promotion they organised a few months ago. With that, I was hooked for good. When you get to meet them, their interest in the customer, their product knowledge and warmth come through in a way no Blog can ever communicate. It was a warmth and a sincerity that continues to impress whenever I need to contact them. Keep it up, Sasha's - and don't grow too big!!

Peter C.
We moved to Singapore from Australia at the beginning of December and I have been struggling ever since to find produce as fresh and we have in plentiful abundance at home. I am so happy that I now have a reliable and obviously trustworthy company to purchase our produce from, thank you so much.

Jane W.

They use ZERO packaging for their delivery! Living in Singapore, where it's an endless battle to use as little plastic as possible and extremely depressing watching people use numerous bags etc. without a second thought, this was a revelation and a very happy discovery for me. I'm also very pleased to be able to buy free range meat and local food.

Trish H.

Thank you so much for investing in providing fresh, good quality produce and sourcing them for us.
The chickens and fish we've bought from you do taste very different from the regular ones from the market or supermarkets. We take that as a good sign!
Meanwhile, I bought our first Lasagne from you last week and my son loves it. He says it's better than the restaurants'. He had both the servings! But fortunately, he allowed us to share a bit of it. Haha.
Keep up the good work. And thanks for your passion and ethics!

Lisa N.
Thank you this is such great news about the free delivery at $100. I am certain this means I will order from you more often and don’t need to order unnecessary products.
Here is tonight’s supper - Sasha’s NZ toothfish with your tasty potatoes and cherry tomatoes on the vine. Delicious!
Many thanks again

Katherine A.

Thank you!! you guys are the best!!!
Just moved to you guys from another butcher/grocer and it has been SUCH a good experience!!!

Tarana S.

Thank you for my order and for being so helpful over the phone when I was confirming timings. May I also say how cool it is that you have your drivers check the orders and deliver without any extra packaging, so I don’t have to worry about unpacking a million bags.

Anastasia P.
I recently purchased some pies and wanted to write in and let you know how much I enjoyed it.
Reason being I am allergic to processed and fermented food. A lot of chicken pies out there use packaged chicken stock and I almost always react to these chicken pies. I have to say I was waiting for something to happen when I ate the black pepper chicken pie but nothing happened! You have no idea what this means to me. Chicken pies used to be one of my favorite items but I couldn’t eat them after I developed this allergy a few years ago. It’s evolving and I still cannot pinpoint what exactly can cause the flare-ups.
I will try the bacon and egg quiche and the chicken and mushroom pie next. I am hoping nothing will happen too. Please continue doing what you do. Thank you.

Jessie L.

I am so so happy that you have put the best milk in Singapore onto your website. This is the only milk I will feed my kids so thank you for saving me the effort of going elsewhere to find it.

From our customer

I just wanted to say, thank you for supplying us with great food during our time in Singapore. An extra big thank you to our lovely delivery guy, who always came with a smile and a kind word.
Please donate any bonus remains to a charity of your choice.
All the best.

From our customer
Keep up the good work and I just wanted to say that I find your customer service to be fantastic. Always very helpful and attentive and the drivers delivering the food are all so very nice! Thanks for making it possible for us to find such nice food in Singapore.

From our customer

Love what you do!!!

From our customer

You have the best delivery Drivers in Singapore. They are the only people we customers generally speak to and they are always so lovely. I used to order directly [...]

From our customer
Your delivery guys are amazing. So lovely and nice. Every time when they deliver items, they come with a smile in their heart. Really outstanding delivery and customer service.

From our customer

Nothing other than to say, that my family and I LOVE all of Sasha's products. I love paying that little bit more to know that I am feeding my family well, eating tasty, sustainable and ethically sourced products!

From our customer

Love your blogs. They inspire trust and loyalty.

From our customer
I'm living in Singapore for a year and Sasha offers the best products at a competitive price. I love all the service and specially the kindness and courtesy from your delivery employees they even know my name. Love the freshness the articles you wrote. Everything.

From our customer

[…] Love Sasha’s Fine Foods - the only place I trust to purchase our meat from.

From our customer

We love Sasha’s Fine Foods and have recommend to all our friends/neighbours. The delivery staff are friendly too! […] Love Sasha’s Fine Foods - keep doing a great job! Izmar is so kind - we love seeing him when he delivers!

From our customer
[…] We love Sasha’s food and would order more frequently if our budget allowed. Happy to pay for quality though.

From our customer

I love Sasha's Fine Foods. I am a new customer and very impressed with your dedication and commitment to sourcing. Thank you for providing an option for my family to choose well sourced, sustainable products that support ethical production. It is such an important service you are providing. […]

From our customer

I love your meats. And if you are thinking of expanding, please don't stop offering the same high-quality meats you started out with. I would hate to see you dilute your core offerings. Also, please offer flank or skirt would be nice to have some less-expensive, versatile cuts of meats. And, I would love to see more seafood/fish variety.

From our customer
[…] Love the salmon the most!! […]

From our customer

Love Sasha’s Fine Foods. Thanks!

From our customer

I love your vision and attention to detail. We have been ordering for 2-3 years and we are so happy we found you!!

From our customer
Since we moved here you have been one of the main sources of food. […]

From our customer

Keep up the good work!

From our customer

We find Sasha's Fine Foods to be the best online food supplier in Singapore.

From our customer
I think you're great. The staff are just wonderful. […]

From our customer

I don't trust a grocery stores origin, Ethical or sustainability or freshness. I won't buy fish anywhere else but Sasha’s Fine Foods.

From our customer

I really like to read the articles from the founder. It gives me a feeling of reassurance that the suppliers are carefully selected and there is determination to procure ‘clean’ products. As we are raising 3 young children high quality food is our priority. Although I do find that the price for such products in Singapore is really high compared to other developed countries.

From our customer
I really appreciate and rely on the diligence and efforts you go to to source the safest, quality food for my family.

From our customer

I do appreciate all the effort in bringing us safe and clean food!

From our customer

Thank you for sourcing the products that you do.

From our customer
I like the blog. As Sasha shares stories of how the products came about, info on the science of agriculture and farming, health etc.

From our customer

I’m vegan so I’m no longer buying meat from you, however my family are pescatarian so you are the only place I will buy fish for them from as I’ve read the info on your website about where & how they are sourced.

From our customer

Very happy so far with the products and services provided.

From our customer
[…] I really appreciate your fermented drinks and ready-made meals. Your customer service and your delivery service are wonderful.

From our customer

Overall, Sasha would be my favourite place to shop followed by meat club.

From our customer

I recognize that it is costly to ethically source and provide high quality products. But it remains a fact that these products are simply expensive to buy. It’s not easy or feasible for all families to buy the best quality and most ethical food. It's not your fault - you are doing a great service. Thank you.

From our customer
The main reason I buy from you is that the food is "clean" - no nasties etc - and I trust your brand. I particularly like the "educating" emails like GM produce, gluten free etc. More of that would be great.

From our customer

I am a net promoter of Sasha’s Fine Foods and I recommend the service to friends regularly. I would like to buy more fish but some of the frozen fish we have tried before was not very tasty. Overall, I like the concept behind Sasha’s Fine Foods and it is important to me to understand the origin of my food.

From our customer

I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the quick, nimble and friendly way you guys handled my order! The additional burger patties and sausages arrived and were greatly enjoyed by our guests at the BBQ who had previously never heard of SFF (and now they have!). Your delivery man was also incredibly polite and lovely! My husband and I are so taken by the service, we’re committed to spreading the good word about both the brand and its great produce!

From Vanessa
First, I would like to say that I am a big fan of Sasha's Fine Foods and its service. I feel very lucky and grateful that while leaving in Singapore I am able to get the best clean food at my door step with a great service.
I love your re-branding and website - I have been ordering for maybe a couple of years, and I love seeing the range growing, the way you carefully choose your suppliers and share the information with your customers, as well as the attention to sustainability. It gives me great confidence in the product I am buying, and the satisfaction that I am feeding my family with good stuff while looking after the environment. So a big thank you for your work - really appreciate it.

From Claudie

First of all huge congratulations on the launch of Sasha's Fine Foods, secondly thank you for the wonderful customer service you always provide.

In my haste of ordering yesterday I clicked my old address, I got a call from the driver saying he was outside, it then dawned on me. "Don't worry just SMS your new address not a problem". He then arrives with his huge smiles and delivers all goods into the kitchen. No grumbles just lovely smiles and chit chat all the way. Apologies and thank you again to all staff such a great company to deal with!

A very happy customer.

From Sharon

Given I have tasted a few [turkeys] over the years I don't think I can remember eating a better bird.

I am glad I followed the instruction to the letter as it cooked so quickly and effortlessly I was nearly caught out on getting the veg done in time.
It is already on the Christmas list for next year.

From Rob
I wanted to give you some feedback on my first order experience with Sasha’s Fine Foods.

I previously ordered your products via Red Mart. However, after several mess ups and non-delivery of your products, I decided to reach out directly to
 Sasha’s Fine Foods.

I absolutely love your salmon, chicken and sausages (Cumberland’s are my kids favs). The online ordering process was easy and quick. I had a question regarding delivery and your office staff were super polite and helpful when I called. Sanusi was absolutely fabulous…incredibly polite with a happy, bubbly personality. Delivered my order into my kitchen and counted everything in front of me. And presented me with a signed ‘thank you card’ for my order.

The whole process was awesome that I felt the need to write and let you know. My family are looking forward to trying your other products. Take care and Happy New Year!

From Rachel

..I want to pass along my praise for the vacuum packaging on the fresh chicken breasts I just received. I usually use a little and freeze the rest of my order. This packaging means much less waste, as I don't have to repackage from the cello wrap and foam trays I used to get. I also want to compliment the delivery man. He was pleasant and friendly...a great ambassador for Sasha's Fine Foods. Thanks for continuing to provide such good service!

From Kristine

...My cousin brought some of your sausages and salmon to a family gathering last weekend, and to be honest, we have talked about nothing else since. Your sausages have been on my mind!! I believe they were the small pork chipolatas; they cooked up white, so I can’t tell which they were. In any case, they were delicious and we’re looking forward to placing an order with you once my hubby has the opportunity to browse your website. My (expat) family is temporarily here, and the sausages and fresh salmon offer a taste of home (Florida/Virginia) for us.

From Rachel
..I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful service and food. Everything was delicious and from the moment I ordered the service was outstanding. From the quick response to any emails, to organising the food to be defrosted and the happiest, friendly delivery driver. I have no complaints at all and everyone at the party commented on the amazing standard of the food. Obviously I told them where it was from. Thanks again and I'm sure I will be ordering again soon

From Caitriona C

Thank you so much for bringing this beautiful salmon to Singapore, it is truly best fish ever. We started with beautiful sashimi, sliced to perfection with Japanese knife and served with organic soy sauce with a bit of chilli flakes, it melted in our mouths! I have made fantastic Gravadlax using Jamie Oliver’s recipe : Unfortunately, I do not have any photos, because it disappeared too fast, pity we couldn’t give the skin to our doggie, due to generous amount of Russian vodka in gravadlax!

From Adriana E-F

Thank you all very much for the past four years of meat delivery. Your service has been wonderful and your products are all outstanding. During that period we literally never bought any meat products from a supermarket, and had many delicious and healthy meals. I felt good knowing I was able to feed my family with many organic and sustainably produced foods.

From Patricia D
How lucky we are to have air fresh NZ Lamb from home delivered to our door in Singapore!

Kevin R. S

Thank you! Everything [at the party] went very well. The meats and the food were absolutely delicious. I appreciate your help and the attention to detail. I am sorry to be leaving. We would have used Sasha's Fine Foods over and over again!

Lee F

Very friendly staffs @ Sasha's Fine Foods. Everyone enjoyed the quality Burrata cheese with Iberico Ham+wild rocket + cherry tomato. And of course the black cow cheddar. Yummy.

We just wanted to drop you a note as not only are we very impressed by the quality of food but your delivery service is also amazing! It is by far one of the best delivery services in Singapore. The driver is extremely professional, prompt, and always has a smile. We just wanted to be sure to say we think you all do a great job & we are very happy customers!

Gail C
I love how you market your products - you can tell it's genuine! I love eating meat but like so many people worry about how horrible the meat industry can be. It's great that you're sourcing ethically and that's one of the reasons I'll continue to shop with you!

Jon B.

It has been an absolute pleasure being your client over the past few years. As I've said to you before, the quality of your produce has been first class from day one and even though you have expanded your business, your quality has remained that way. Thank you for taking the time to source your produce and provide it to us at reasonable prices. As you have grown, you have obviously carefully chosen your staff to reflect your friendly, customer comes first, excellence in service and produce mantra. I wish you all the very best in 2015 and beyond..and particularly a Merry Christmas.

Jane B

Finding this has been brilliant! Convenience is one thing but the quality and produce is what is really important. My wife actually saw the truck downstairs and the driver gave her a flyer - so yes, very effective indeed. We're slowing working our way through all the products - the kurobota sausages were fantastic and the chicken is a big plus (way better than what's on offer elsewhere). The meatballs were really good. I've told about 7-8 people about it - you only get that with a great product(s).

Nik M
Thanks to all the team at Sasha's Fine Foods, from the web ordering to delivery service is excellent but more importantly the quality of the produce is superb and very tasty. Keep up the good work.

Mark H

I keep meaning to say to you that one of the things I love about Devon is knowing where all the food I buy comes from. It used to depress me coming back here [to Singapore] and thinking of all the junk that was in the meat and fish we all ate - but not any more! It cheers me up no end so thank you!

Rachel H

Just wanted to let you know we had your salmon last night and it was truly amazing, coming from Denmark we are used to good quality fish and this really met and went beyond our expectations. Thanks a lot!

Signe K
I just wanted to feed back to you that we had the Salmon today for lunch and it was really excellent, three generations in the house, and we all agreed on that . Thank you very much.

Nelly K

Thank you so much for your quick and customer oriented response and action. You do not always meet such customer service in Singapore, so this is truly appreciated! By the way - everything we have eaten so far has been just wonderful. Much better quality and flavorful than what you normally find around here. GREAT.

Christian K

Had your beautiful leg of lamb for Christmas Day lunch and it was AMAZING! Look forward to tasting the rest of my order.

Nikki D
O-M-Gosh ... Amazing! What else to say? We had the sausages last night ( all of them) Two men in the house and me! And the steaks were out of this world! I have to admit -- I haven't had such a tasty and tender cut in ... Can't remember when! the chicken- a remarkable difference from the shops and the feta and Parma were great! I'll definitely be placing another order soon!

Pamela E

I am very happy to have all the meat-fish delivered at home and the quality is excellent! For us is also very important that the meat it is hormone and antibiotic free. This time I am trying the Barramundi, I cannot find very good fish near… compare to where I am from in the North of Spain where we eat lots of fish. Furthermore it is so convenient no having to go to the Butcher, with the bag, and run home with all the stuff. The website is super easy to use and you can place your order in five minutes. Thank you!!! and have a great week, Belén

Belen A

If Carlsberg had an advert for steaks, it would use Sasha's Fine Foods' steaks.

Carl A
The fresh salmon and chicken were both absolutely delicious, the tastiest I have bought in 5 years in Singapore! Will definitely be placing another order soon. All the best.

Beth M

Your lamb racks are unbelievable. Never have I seen my whole family devour a meal so quickly - and greedily I might add. There was a fight for the last one!! Thank you, utterly delicious.

Rachel T

I want to say how pleased I am with your service and quality of meat. We had roast chicken last night and it was delicious. I feel good I can feed my family chicken that is healthy for them! So thanks again

Daniela C
Keep these recipes coming Sasha, I love it..... I wake up in the morning thinking oh God not again, why do I have to decide what we are having for dinner, and is my answer!!! Will be having tomorrow - yum!!

Gill J

Mmm let me think about this. Do I go to a shop and buy my meat and seafood that could be pumped with anything and I have no idea where it's come from or do I shop with Sasha? No brainer. Great job Sasha

Zoe D

The lamb was great thanks, we all agreed it was the best we had tasted in a long while. Also, the recommendation of the Feta was spot on! Many thanks.

Claire H
The freshest, tastiest meat in Singapore. You can tell nothing has been added to this meat, just pure, juicy meat. Not a growth hormone or antibiotic in sight. The lamb racks were sensational. Thank you Sasha for your incredible service. Keep up the good work

Penelope W

Have just finished a BBQ where everyone was raving about the meat. Thank you for some of the most tender steaks we have had for ages.

Christine M

Your new Jamie Oliver approved" fresh chicken is exceptionally good. So fresh, so tasty and we love the large variety that you offer. It's such great value too, what's not to like??
Many thanks for the yummy recipes you send out, it's great to get some new ideas for supper and they are always really tasty and easy to prepare. I tried Bill Granger's Honey, Lime & Paprika Chicken this week and it was a hit with the whole family so please keep them coming!

Alex S
Just wanted to say that I'm super impressed with your chicken, will definitely be ordering more this week, it tasted like the chicken I would get in Tasmania.

Esther W

I can't say enough good things about your product and service and have been raving about my latest delivery. I was in heaven last week when we had your gorgeous chicken!!! LOVED it.. A million miles from the chicken I had been buying previously. Looking forward to trying your new fresh chicken too.

Kirsty W

Thank you for the mouth watering lamb roast! Absolutely divine

Brittany A
Sasha has very good meat, fair prices, and delivers to the home (free for certain $ amount of orders). She is very organised and capable, great to work with.

Megan C

We marinated the T-bones with your recipe and barbecued them on the weekend. They were simply divine, even when we ate the left-overs cold! The meat was tender and velvety, and simply bursting with flavours. Thank you so much for bringing this wonderful produce to our door steps!

Anne S

Thank you so much for providing a service that enables us to eat quality meat knowing where it comes from and what we are eating makes all the difference. Most importantly, to the best of your knowledge the animals have been treated well.

Prisca LS
It's official, without question the best lamb, beef, chicken and sausages I have tasted in SIngapore. We've lived here for 8 years and have tried every vendor you can imagine. Thank you thank you thank you, you are the BEST FIND!!!! I am going to crack open the champagne (that's how much we have missed good meat here).

Anne L

I collected my lamb on Friday. A quick note to say, it was absolutely delicious, so succulent, without question the nicest lamb I've had in ages. Although not the dinner party as planned, my family and I were most happy to enjoy it instead.

Lara B

The roast chicken was absolutely delicious - so nice to see actual goodness coming out that I could use to make gravy. it was so good it didn't need embellishment. Count me in as a long-term customer.

Sue L
We served the T-bones yesterday for a BBQ lunch and everyone just RAVED about how good they were! I am not a red meat eater and still not a huge fan now. But my, these steaks were delectable!!

Annabel M

Gong Zi Fa Cai ! Just wanted to let you know we BBQ'd the beef last night. It was delicious and tender. Really fab. Best steak I have had in a long time and I was very pleased to serve it to my guests. Well done and thank you.

P. Lo-S

Possibly the best lamb I have tasted since leaving New Zealand 3 years ago. I just wish I'd found you sooner. Thank you so much, my next order has just gone in.

Nicola B
Just a quick note to say that my whole family loves your products! Thank you so much for this service, it is such a relief to find a good variety of high quality meat.

Brad M

OMG had your tenderloin on the BBQ tonight, rare, thin sliced - amazing!! Not a morsel left between 6 or us. YUM!!!! Will definitely be putting in an order this week. Also did your chicken with mozzarella, tomatoes and Parma ham on Tuesday - but with Annabel Karmel's easy tomato sauce - Fabulous!!

Patricia D

I initially ordered from you because I won a Sasha's Fine Foods voucher. Thank heavens for small mercies. The chicken and sausages were amazing, the best by far we have tasted here. The lamb racks were to die for. We are hooked and will be ordering regularly!

Gill J
I initially bought your pork loin for my dog (yes it's true) as it was so reasonably priced. After watching him wolf down bowl after bowl, my husband and I decided to try it ourselves. ABSOLUTELY DIVINE!!!!! We have never really been pork eaters but are now hooked and feel very smug as every time we eat your pork, we know it's full of goodness and incredibly lean, not to mention absolutely delicious. Let's just say our dog doesn't get quite as much as he used to for himself.

Tamsin P

In two words…..bloody delicious!!! By far the nicest chicken I have tried in Singapore….!!!

Rachel T

I just died and went to heaven with a plate of your lamb racks and goat feta. Next week's delivery cannot come soon enough.

Cheryl M
The beef was incredible and I think I am even more impressed with the chicken, sausages and mince. Definitely best quality in Singapore and super fresh.

Rachael W

Well finally, decent duck in Singapore. And not just decent duck but probably the best duck I have ever tasted - so succulent and not fatty at all. High praise indeed from a meat lover whose favorite meat is duck. Keep doing what you do Sasha and bringing us exceptional quality produce at affordable prices

Shaun Mc

The New Zealand Beef Tenderloin was fantastic. World class! Thank you!

Finally a chicken that tastes like a chicken in Singapore - I roasted my first one from Sasha's this weekend and it want down a storm with dinner guests and children alike - we're hooked ! thank you ..

Paul K

I don't often bother to write comments but feel compelled to tell the whole of Singapore about your pork loin. OMG it's absolutely delicious. Pork is obviously very easy to find in Singapore but I have never tasted anything like this here. Juicy, tender, succulent... and did I mention the flavour? You can tell these animals have been well cared for. AND you are cheaper than anywhere else. Keep it up Sasha, your products go from strength to strength.

Maxine J

The olives and feta were wonderful, even for some leftovers after one week. Just had the truffle salt with beef on Sat. Heavenly.

Mackenzie W
I made an Indian dish tonight with the lamb tenderloin and OMG, it was amazing! Thanks for providing a great product! I will definitely be recommending your services :)

Bryan C

Your produce hardly stays in my freezer. They transform into the most succulent and delicious dishes within days. Even M is now a lamb mince" convert!"

Megan S

Just ordered some more chicken... Steve and the girls said it was just like eating the chicken in France ! Once again Sasha you have brought in a product that is better than anything else available in Singapore :)

Maria L
We had the sausages - both plain pork and the beef ones. They were so tasty! There was juice oozing out whilst being cooked. I am not usually a sausage fan but thought they were very good and fresh!

Justine Blakeman

We had the lamb sausages for dinner and they were delicious. A real comfort meal with mashed sweet potato and home made tomato chutney!

Kitty D

I just had to tell you how DELISH the beef was we ate tonight!! OMG......the flavour was excellent!

Geraldine Mc
We used the lamb mince in a recipe from Mark Bittman's cookbook. Kofte. We believe that we reached a category beyond good. Here is the recipe. Fantastic.

Heidi M

Sasha I have to say I am thrilled to have found excellent lamb here in Singapore. Having grown up on a lamb farm in Australia and continually bringing my father's lamb back after each trip home for the past 12 years, only because I have been spoilt with quality and not able to buy that quality here until I found Sasha. Thank you so much for excellent quality and service!

Paul K

We've just finished dinner - having cooked the butterflied lamb on our BBQ. All I can say is...amazing!! The lamb was so tender + flavoursome - it melted in our mouths. It most definitely was the best lamb meal we've had since we moved here 3 years ago! Thank you. Cheers.

Lisa N
Big YES vote for the burgers from our kids. Sam says mummy, we really should have burgers more often.

Jane B

It is an understatement to say that I enjoyed the lamb. The cutlets in particular were probably some of the tastiest and succulent I have ever tasted - having recently returned from New Zealand that says quite something! On this particular occasion, New Zealand lamb beats Welsh!! They don't need much cooking and there lies the secret to their tenderness.

Nic B

I have to tell you, my biggest foodie friends LOVED the lamb. Highlights were the cutlets and tenderloin steaks.

Nia E
Oh my goodness, this is delicious is what friends say when they try the lamb. We entertain alot, and everyone always asks where we get the lamb from because it is so yummy. Simply dressed and roasted legs of lamb, or minced in our family favorites. Added bonus, the kids love it too!

Sally F


Dor K

The best lamb I have ever tasted. It melts in your mouth & the taste is unbelievable. Thank you for reminding me how good lamb can be!

Fiona S
You have to taste this lamb to believe it. Thank you Sasha.

Susan C

The butterflied leg was delicious and so easy. We simply rubbed it with tons of garlic & olive oil & popped it in the oven. We sliced it and enjoyed every morsel with a huge Greek salad and fresh bread. The men, kids (& ladies of course) adored it.

Jo P

I'm so happy to hear Sasha's Fine Foods are getting more and more orders. You all deserve that! The quality of meat and delivery has always been excellent. And my family & I really appreciate the work you and your team have put into this. :)

Una Mc