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Ortiz Bonita Del Norte White Tuna, Spain

Conservas Ortiz

Ortiz's fish are line caught, one at a time, off the northwestern coast of Spain. They're then hand-filleted at sea, and preserved in good olive oil. Bonito, also called albacore, is the most mild and prized species. Ortiz has been preserving fish for 100 years. They exemplify the balance between modern techniques and scrupulous respect for traditional fishing methods, which means their products are best for the environment. Ortiz uses “live bait” and “trolling” techniques to catch White Tuna. This consists of using fresh live bait to attract the fish better. This bait usually consists of small fish.

The first step is to get the bait out of the sea, very carefully. For this they use dip nets. The fishermen use hoses to imitate the movement of the shoals of fish. When fishing starts, the fishermen line up along one flank of the boat. The rods have a short line with the live bait on the hooks. If the shoal is made up of very large fish then the men work in pairs. Live bait is a traditional fishing technique that has been widely used throughout history by Cantabrian fishermen.

Ortiz Bonita Del Norte White Tuna

Reggia Pasta, Irpinia, Italy 

Reggia Pasta Logo

Members of the Pallante family have been engaged as millers in Irpinia since 1949 in the first water powered mill by millstones, and pasta a factory producing dried pastas completely free of preservatives and colourings – just premium semolina produced using the best combination of tradition and technology.

Pasta is produced from pure durum wheat semolina, water and no preservatives because it is the drying process of the product that gives it a natural shelf life. There are no added colourings therefore when looking at a bundle of spaghetti against the light we can see the brightness of the sun absorbed in the grain of wheat and released by the semolina. By following these principles, for four generations the Pallante family has always been dedicated to its mission of providing a quality product. The experience gained in the pasta industry allows them to carefully select the best of grains to make their pasta – grain varieties have many different characteristics, so having a balance is key in developing the best pasta possible. They also invest heavily in having the best equipped factory which ensures the safety of our products and people during production.

Members of the Pallante familyReggia Pasta Factory

Vasse Virgin, Margaret River, Western Australia

It’s hard to drag me out of the Vasse Virgin factory, where I have spent many an afternoon testing and tasting their delicious gourmet products, as well as their beautiful body product range. This video was taken during a visit to Vasse Virgin in October 2016, and I hope gives you a great feel for the origin of these lovely products.

Vasse Virgin

Louis & Edwina Scherini

Vasse Virgin is a delightful, family run business in the heart of Margaret River, Western Australia. The company was established when Louis and Edwina Scherini’s children were diagnosed with eczema and advised by doctors against the use of soap or shampoo, Inspired to create a safe, chemical free alternative for their children they soon realised the only way they could guarantee that the products were natural and healthy was to make their own. The Scherini’s began experimenting in their kitchen first discovered the healing powers of extra virgin olive oil, and a new soap product was born made with extra virgin olive oil as the main base,100% pure essential oils and plant extracts.

With the product proving so popular, ‘Vasse Virgin’ became the new brand and the use of olives was further expanded to include a gourmet food range. Under the watchful eye of a specialist chef, Vasse Virgin's range of delicious olive oil gourmet food products made their début including estate grown and Western Australian olives extra virgin olive oils, balsamic vinegars and fruit vinaigrettes and a range of condiments designed to showcase both the olive and olive oil.

Vasse Virgin Logo

Olive oil has long been relied upon for its uses in both cooking and food. Amongst the many benefits, olive oil offers protection against heart disease by controlling cholesterol levels and it doesn’t stop there. The Vasee Virgin chef continues the company’s ethos in producing high quality, natural products without the use of any artificial additives, preservatives or flavourings.

Conscious Craves Foods, Margaret River, Western Australia 

Conscious Craves Foods

Conscious Craves was founded by Californian Kylie Meeks and professional surfer Claire Bevilacqua a couple of years ago. Every time I meet Kylie I and am always blown away by her energy and vibrancy. She is a true reflection of her products and is very passionate about maintaining nutrients in food.

Conscious Craves is raw, gluten and guilt free food, made by hand in the heart of Western Australia and sold each week at the famous Margaret River Farmers Market. Conscious Craves’ main goal is to feed people simple nutrition through pure, live and fresh foods. The term “raw” simply means that the foods have not been denatured in any way, preserving all vitamins, enzymes and minerals naturally found in all living foods so that way your body is getting a sufficient amount of nutrients to keep you fit and healthy. Aiming to use organic and local ingredients as much as possible, their creations are a pure delight.

Foley’s Frothing Fermentations, Dunsborough, Western Australia

Foley’s Frothing Fermentations

Margot and Tim Foley established Foley’s Frothing Fermentations after several years traveling, including a period with Margot working as head chef on super yachts. On their return to Western Australia, Margot started working as a chef in vegetarian cafes, a time when she began to learn about health foods, wholefoods and raw foods, gaining more knowledge about nutrition through attending locally run workshops and courses. It was during a stint on a raw food diet that Margot and Tim came across cultured vegetables and other fermented foods. After tasting different fermented foods as well as learning about the myriad health benefits of cultured food, their kitchen bench was soon full of different jars of fermenting vegetables and their bookshelves were sagging under the weight of new books on the traditions of fermentation.

Foley’s Frothing Fermentations use fresh raw organic vegetables fermented in traditional German crocks which allow the proliferation of natural enzymes and lactobacilli which are naturally present in vegetables and digestive tracts to develop. This fermenting process allows sugars and starches in the vegetables to be broken down, which in turn when consumed, aids the pancreas and intestines in proper digestion and assists the body to better absorb natural vitamins and minerals.

Spending time with Margot and her husband in their small factory in Dunsborough, Margaret River is a fascinating experience, with strange and wonderful smells all around – although they are intensely secretive about their methods!

These super healthy products can be added to any meal. They taste great warmed up too, alongside sausages or topping burgers.

Tripod Coffee Capsules, Sydney, Australia

Tripod Coffee Capsules Logo

Tripod Coffee is a partnership forged on the hallowed cricket turf of Bellerive Oval in Australia. Sharing a love of both cricket and great coffee, Ed Cowan and Steve Cazzulino spent countless afternoons on tour around Australia searching for the perfect cup. Ed and Steve are now taking the premium café experience and putting it into homes and workplaces around the world. By offering an alternative to the major corporations that currently run the coffee pod industry, Ed and Steve want to take artisanal coffee and make it available for mass-consumption at a great price.

Ed and Steve have travelled the globe to find artisanal-roasted coffee specifically made to fit into recyclable Nespresso compatible coffee pods, rather than making pods fit the coffee. At Tripod, every bean has been naturally harvested, perfectly roasted and sealed in vacuum-packed recyclable Nespresso compatible coffee pods, which lock in the flavour to deliver the ultimate coffee experience. Recyclable Nespresso compatible capsules are clean and easy to use, creating the perfect cup with just a push of a button.

Tripod Coffee Capsules