We're in The Business Times!

We're in The Business Times!
The Business Times

As Singaporeans' tastes grow more exacting and expectations increase, several gourmet meat grocers have risen to the challenge.

An excerpt from the March 7 2015's issue of the Business Times:

Sasha Conlan of The Barbie Girls - an online gourmet meat and seafood grocer - also believes that it is the quality of their produce that has earned their popularity among consumers.

"In my experience, consumers are becoming more educated about the produce that is out there and also the quality of that produce. I don't so much feel that the interest is in "gourmet" produce, the interest is more in good quality food that has been ethically produced and is fully traceable," she says.

Ms Conlan's business started out in October 2011 selling only lamb; they saw an average of about 10 customers per week. Now, they sell a much wider range of produce including beef, poultry, pork and seafood, to about 100 customers per week.

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