Eggs in Singapore - Myths, Mysteries, and How to Pick the Best Eggs

There's been a lot of press coverage these last few weeks about eggs, with another wave of concern nearing our borders as avian bird flu appears in Malaysia, as well as reports of unreliable eggs in circulation from China. Poultry products, including eggs from Malaysia are unaffected by the bird flu outbreak and the AVA is remaining vigilant.

Regardless of food scares, buying eggs in Singapore has become increasingly confusing ... free-range, barn-laid and cage-free (but how many chicks are crammed into those barns?), free-roaming, pasteurised, UV-treated, wax-protected eggs, 'carrot' eggs (for folks with poor eyesight!), soy eggs (not great for those with oestrogen issues). A glance at the supermarket shelves will understandably leave you confused when all you want is safe, healthy and additive-free eggs.  

Some packaging looks "earthy" and will remind you of the proverbial 'good-old-days' but this can be a marketing ploy to appeal to your emotions. Others leave no doubt they've been mass-farmed, with minimal product information packaged in nasty plastic.  

It's important to state that there are no free-range eggs (or fresh, free-range or organic chicken) allowed for sale in Singapore. The AVA will not give permission to any egg sellers, be they in wet markets or high-end gourmet stores to sell free-range because of their fears over bird flu. 

With the knowledge that free-range eggs can't be sold here, I did a lot of research to find the best possible alternative, which brought me to New Zealand, specifically Graeme Napier's Nature's Best Eggs in Wairapa in the North Island. I travelled to meet Graeme in New Zealand to look at his entire operation. I concluded he had the very best farming and welfare practice, which is as close to 'all natural' as any egg producer could get, without them being free range. Nature's Best Eggs are laid by chickens that can roam freely in super-clean, comfortable and expansive barns.  

Nature's Best was the first egg producer to be awarded the coveted SPCA Blue Tick and it's the same eggs we sell here at Sasha's Fine Foods. They were also awarded the prestigious Good Egg Award from the international organisation Compassion in World Farming, which reflects Graeme's commitment to welfare and cage-free eggs.

So, don't be dazzled by claims, packaging and hype. We've kept it simple and gone for the very best. Enjoy this amazing little super-food and take a look at these 35 mouthwatering recipes from which showcase superb options to make the most of our fabulous eggs. From pear and bacon frittata to baked eggs with peppers and fennel and dozens more in between! I have to warn you, once you try these eggs you won't go back to any other brands in Singapore. 

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