How to butcher a chicken...

How to butcher a chicken...
  1. Remove the wings by cutting through the second joint.
  2. The next step is to remove the legs.
    1. Start by cutting through the skin that attaches the leg to the carcass.
    2. Grab hold of both legs and fold backwards you should feel them pop out the joint. It is important they come out of the joint.
    3. Then I like to roll the chicken on to its side and pull the leg back and use your knife to cut the leg off the carcass.
    4. Repeat with other leg
  3. Now face the chicken away from you, hold of the bottom of the breasts and cut down through any attached meat/skin towards the back bone.
  4. Put your knife down and snap this bit of carcass back and cut through the last attaching bit of skin and meat.
  5. Then you need to remove just the spine. Either side of the central bone is cartilage which is easy to cut through.
  6. Afterwards you can either turn the chicken over and cut through the centre of the breast bone on the back if you would like the breasts on the bone. I start to do this in the video to show you. It is easier with a big knife.
  7. If you do not want the breasts on the bone, face the breasts up and have a feel of the central raised bone and what you want to do is cut all the way along that to take the fillets off.

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