"It's Breakfast Time...!"

"It's Breakfast Time...!"

Toughest time of the day in my house is the first 30 minutes. Some of the family are unspeakably cranky, others full of chat and pep. I fall somewhere in the middle, focused on creating calm. The Battle of Breakfast is, I'm sure, the same in most homes with the main dawn struggle focused on getting a few bites of something nutritious and appealing into the sleepy kids at the table.

My saviour most mornings are smoothies. I have a handful of easy, reliable recipes that I modify and rotate from Dr. Axe's Top 20 list of Acai bowls - they work just as well in smoothie form. None require more than a handful of ingredients whizzed in the blender; fruit, yoghurt or milk, acai (and on a good day, a well-camouflagued green goodie), conjured up in a smoothie before the merry people carrier sets sail for school. I get comfort knowing that we've all got some quality fuel in the tank.

Frozen fruits are a brilliant convenience, and our Boylan's Fruits range work perfectly for smoothies (the kids love the frozen mangoes, pineapple and blackberries in particular, which they'll often eat straight from the pack). A spoon or two of Sambazon Acai Puree and a scoop of peanut butter or honey adds goodness too.  

If you love acai bowls, Sambazon has a really handy free recipe book right here plus we've got a special promotion on Sambazon Supergreen Twin-Packs this week.  

I usually keep a bag of Conscious Craves Giddy-Up Grawnola on my desk to stave away the urge to crack open the chocolate digestives. I love the unique nutty flavour and the fact that it's thoroughly nutritious and filling. This works great mixed through a smoothie, too, if you need a bit more substance at breakfast time or perhaps after exercise. 

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