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We promise to provide you with food you can trust, with no nasties, from inspirational farmers who are given a fair price, and look after their workers and animals. All of our products are carefully sourced and curated to ensure you only receive the best. From sourcing products to delivering goods, we aim to be the most planet positive online grocer in Singapore.

We would like to share some of Sasha's favourite products with you - her household staples that form the foundation for meals throughout the week. Enjoy!

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Wicks Manor
From 250g
$5.00/100g Frozen
Fox River
$2.74/100g Frozen
Fox River
$5.63/100g Frozen
$7.63/100g Chilled
Ocean Gems
$6.59/100g Frozen
Wicks Manor
$5.29/100g Frozen
Wicks Manor
$3.13/100g Frozen
Sold out
Essential Broth Co
$3.10/100ml Frozen
Sasha's Farms Kombucha, Ancient Pu'er from trusted online grocery in Singapore
Sasha's Farms
Sasha's Farms
Calderon & Ramos
$10.90/100g Frozen
La Tua Pasta
$6.60/100g Frozen
Hai Sia Seafood
$8.45/100g Frozen
Hai Sia Seafood
$7.46/100g Frozen
Hai Sia Seafood
$23.00/100g Frozen
Cabernet Cooperative
$5.07/100g Frozen
Silver Hill Duck
$5.65/100g Frozen
Chalk Stream Foods
$14.90/100g Frozen
Ocean Fish
$13.25/100g Frozen
Bass Strait
Cabernet Cooperative
$10.84/100g Frozen
Mt. Cook Alpine