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Sake : Narai f.

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The flavour profile of this sake is defined by its sharp and direct character, a quality predominantly attributed to its smaller shinpaku. Renowned for its ease of steaming, this rice variety offers a smooth and malleable texture, distinguishing it from its counterparts. Delicate and nuanced, it imparts subtle notes reminiscent of ripe pear, leaving a refreshing and invigorating finish on the palate.

 Experience Narai by Suginomori, meticulously crafted in one of Japan's highest revived historic breweries, established in 1793 and nestled at 940m. Each batch is carefully overseen by Master Brewer Masayuki Irie. Our secret lies in the pristine mountain water, sourced from over 1,000m and originating near the convergence of the Shinano and Kiso Rivers. Embracing sustainability, they employ "shiki-jozo" - four-season brewing, ensuring consistent quality year-round. 


Keep refrigerated (5 -10°C) and store vertically in a cool, dark place.