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Snow Cod Patagonian Fillet

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Snow codfish (鳕鱼), also known as Patogonian Toothfish or Chilean Sea Bass, is sweet and rich in healthy unsaturated fats. 130g, 1 fillet per pack. Frozen.

Snow codfish has a rich, melt-in-the-mouth flavour. The moderately oily meat is tender and moist with large, thick flakes. Due to the high demand and price, it was initially overfished by illegal fisheries until the collaboration among stakeholders was set up to solve the problem. Currently the snow cod fishery is only allowed to operate during the summer months and is strictly managed under an international treaty with the aim to preserve species’ diversity and stability of the entire Antarctic marine ecosystem.

Note: While our supplier has tried to remove all bones, please be careful just in case they've missed one.

This snow-white meat fish is excellent for grilling and baking. However, because of its high oil content, it is unsuitable for frying.