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Local Whole Chicken - Hormone and Antibiotic Free

Our free-roaming chickens are raised in a clean, healthy and spacious environment, and fed a natural diet. Our chicken is leaner and more flavourful as a result. Whole chicken.

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Australian Black Angus Ribeye Steak

The very best Australia has to offer! Our flagship steaks have an amazing grass-fed taste with beautiful marbling2 hormone-free steaks per pack. 

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Wicks Manor English Smoked Gammon Joint 1kg

These plump, succulent gammon joints are cured in brine, and smoked with an aromatic blend of oak and beech wood chips for a wonderful, full, meaty flavour. 1kg, frozen.

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New Zealand Blue Cod Fillet

Our Blue Cod is caught using environmentally sensitive fishing methods. It has a light and subtle texture, and low oil content. 
2 fillets per pack, boneless, skinless, frozen.
For 500g, 4 fillets per pack, boneless, skinless, frozen.

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New Zealand Broadbill Swordfish Fillet

Caught using environmentally sustainable fishing methods in the pristine waters of New Zealand's South Island. 360g per pack, 2 steaks per pack, boneless, skinless, wild caught, frozen.

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