It's the most wonderful time of the year! Our Christmas Shop is now open, featuring your holiday favourites.

 Whilst a lot has changed this year, I'm thrilled to share that we are still continuing the tradition of our world-famous KellyBronze Turkeys and Wicks Manor Hams. We are also introducing two new exciting products - Rhug Estate Organic Turkeys and Geese.

Christmas pre-orders for turkeys, geese and hams are now open, submit your request here.

I witnessed for myself the free-range environment of the KellyBronze Turkeys - woodlands and open pastures, as nature intended. Kelly's don't mass-produce turkeys, so we will only have a limited supply of these popular birds. They are fed on a natural diet and grown to full maturity, hand-plucked on the farm, which results in simply melt-in-the-mouth meat that cooks quickly. These get snapped up very quickly so make sure to pre-order as soon as possible to guarantee your bird for Christmas.

Rhug Estate Turkeys and Geese

Rhug Estate organic free range turkeys and geese are free to venture out every day onto clover-rich organic pasture. They feed on the finest organic oats that is grown on the farm and enjoy a stress-free life listening to classical music. The special care given to these birds produce the highest quality and tastiest meat for your Christmas dinner.


Our Wicks Manor Seasonal Hams are exceptional and taste exactly how hams should – moist, tender, and full of flavour. These are cured for 4-5 days using the Wiltshire method of brine soaking, and cooked on the farm. Ready-to-eat and a wonderful addition to your Christmas dinner!

New Zealand Beef Sirloin Mini Roast

This beautifully marbled grass-fed Angus sirloin makes for a tender, succulent roast, perfect for a gathering

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Silver Hill Crispy Half Duck with Pancakes and Hoisin Sauce

Succulent, tender duck meat and crispy skin marinated in a blend of Chinese spices 

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English Pork Chipolatas wrapped in Streaky Bacon

High-quality and great-tasting pork chipolatas wrapped in streaky bacon for additional flavour.

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Mt. Cook New Zealand Salmon

Boneless, Whole-side with skin-on. Sashimi-grade with a firm, muscular texture and a clean, smooth flavour.

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Our Very Own Sausage

Delicious, buttery sausage rolls lovingly created by our own chef, using our finest Wicks Manor pork

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Sutton Hoo British Free Range Whole Chicken

Lovingly reared using traditional free-range farming methods with no growth hormones or antibiotics.

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Dark Chocolate Cake (Loaf)

Rich, moist and springy, free from refined sugar. Gluten-free and

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Kombucha, Ancient

Full-bodied with subtly sweet flavours, a slight tartness and a distinct tone of earthiness

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Sasha's Fine Foods Gift Voucher

Give your loved ones the gift of delicious food! Available in $50 and $100 denominations.

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