It's the most wonderful time of the year! Our Christmas Shop is now open, featuring your holiday favourites.

 Whilst a lot has changed this year, I'm thrilled to share that we are still continuing the tradition of our Wicks Manor Hams. We are also introducing a new exciting products - Rhug Estate Organic Turkeys.


Christmas pre-orders are now closed. A limited stock of Rhug Estate Turkeys are available for immediate purchase. We have now opened up delivery slots until 24th December 2020, so you can plan your delivery closer to Christmas.

Country of Origin: Wales

Try out our newest Christmas additions: Rhug Estate organic free range turkeys.

At the farm, these birds live a stress-free life, enjoying seven months free-ranging and exploring clover-rich organic pasture. Feeding on the finest organic oats grown on the farm, they even get to enjoy listening to classical music. The special care given to these birds means that they take up to an hour less cooking than a conventional bird.

They are guaranteed to produce the highest quality and tastiest meat for your Christmas dinner, with exceptional texture, flavour and a browner leg meat than birds produced in any other way.

Michelin-starred restaurants including Four Seasons and The Rosewood, in London, feature Rhug organic turkey on their festive menu.

Country of Origin: England

Our Wicks Manor Seasonal Hams are exceptional and taste exactly how hams should – moist, tender, and full of flavour. These are cured for 4-5 days using the Wiltshire method of brine soaking, and cooked on the farm. Ready-to-eat and a wonderful addition to your Christmas dinner!

All our pork products come from the amazing Wicks Manor, a small, family-run pig farm in Essex, England with 50+ years experience in raising pigs. The high quality and great taste of this pork has been nationally recognised in the UK with Wicks Manor winning many awards. Having visited the farm multiple times, I fully trust in their dedication to the highest animal welfare and quality standards.

Sheltered from nature's harsher elements, but with room to roam and play outside, the piglets’ quality of life is carefully managed. They are fed a natural diet of non-GMO wheat and barley that is grown and milled at Wicks Manor. Vitamins and minerals are added to balance their diet. Non-GMO soya is added (to some rations, not all) to provide protein and energy.

The natural lifestyle helps the pork develop a beautiful depth of flavour, whilst still being relatively lean.

New Zealand Beef Ribeye
Mini Roast

With a distinctive marbling running through the centre, this is perfect for a delicious roast dinner 

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Triple Terrine of
Scottish Salmon

Created with flakes of sweet, smoky, roast salmon, smooth smoked salmon and smoked salmon mousse.

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Pigs in

High-quality and great-tasting pork chipolatas wrapped in streaky bacon for additional flavour.

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Inverawe Scottish
Smoked Salmon

Sugar-free. Leaner and less-fatty. Slow-smoked using a traditional, old-fashioned smokehouse.

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Our Very Own
Sausage Rolls

Delicious, buttery sausage rolls lovingly created by our own chef, using our finest Wicks Manor pork

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Welsh Specialty
Cranberry Sauce

This sauce is bursting with flavour. Made usingwhole fruit and a dash of
cider vinegar.

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Dark Chocolate Cake

Rich, moist and springy, free from refined sugar. Gluten-free and dairy-free.

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Sasha's Farms Kombucha, Ancient Pu'er

Full-bodied with subtly sweet flavours, a slight tartness and a distinct tone of earthiness.

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Sasha's Fine Foods
Gift Voucher

Give your loved ones the gift of delicious food! Available in $50 and $100 denominations.

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