The Carey family founded Green Meadows Beef in 2012 to take their grass-fed Angus beef products direct to the end consumer.

Located on Surf Highway 45 across from the ‘Green Meadows’ surf break on the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, the Careys’ free-range farm is directly under the majestic Mount Taranaki and alongside the Tasman Sea. The Angus prime steers graze in the fresh air on cool climate grass, which keeps them calm and happy.

Stocked in low densities, the cattle are shifted to fresh pasture each day. They have continuous access to graze in open pastures, eating grass and grass supplements (silage and hay) grown only on their farm. This gives the beef outstanding flavour, colour and texture.

The cows are pasture-fed for their lifetime, following the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System standards, which ensures they are identifiable and traceable back to one family farm.

Green Meadows Beef also owns their own manufacturing plant, where they slice, dice and mince their beef. This ensures full traceability and high quality. 

Green Meadows Beef

Green Meadows Beef is farmed with Passion. They provide only the best premium cuts of New Zealand grass-fed Angus Beef, which are guaranteed to be hormone and antibiotic free. 

Ling Fillet

New Zealand Premium Angus Beef Tenderloin Steak

Unbelievably succulent and flavourful.

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New Zealand Grass-fed Angus Diced Beef

Aged on the bone, great for stews and casseroles.

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Hake Fillet

New Zealand Premium Angus Beef & Sweet Potato Burgers

A delicious twist on the classic burger.

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