Rhug Estate Organic Farm

Rhug Estate is an award-winning organic farm which sits in an idyllic part of North Wales and is one of the few farms in the world that runs true field-to-plate operations. All animals are born and reared without the use of any chemicals, sprays or GMOs. Rhug Welsh Lamb is regarded as among the best in the UK, having been awarded PGI status, which guarantees that you are buying a premium-quality, fully traceable product.

Led by a dedicated team who adhere to the highest animal welfare standards, Rhug Estate is Soil Association approved, which is in the top echelon of Organic Certifications. All animals graze freely on the farm with minimal disruption to their natural environment to keep their stress levels as low as possible. When animals have been farmed with such care, you can be confident that their meat will taste absolutely divine.

Flexbourne Pure, Origin South

Flaxbourne Pure

Origin South is passionate about raising high-quality lamb and believe that the best way to rear animals is to do so the  old fashioned way, allowing nature to take the time it needs to produce the best quality and tenderness. Flaxbourne Pure was created with a promise to always provide pasture-raised, GMO-free, hormone-free and antibiotic-free lamb.

Flaxbourne was the first sheep station in the South Island of New Zealand. The Homestead is one of the farms that make up what was once the 66,000 acre Flaxbourne Station. Six generations of Loe family have lived here, where they have learned to make the best of the environment, producing exquisite tasting lamb, from this Marlborough Terrior. High sunshine hours, the salt-licked coastal landscape and careful farming practices are all keys to naturally good stock health and their low carbon footprint.

Welsh Lamb, Randall Parker Foods, UK

Welsh Lamb farmers are famous all over the world for producing superb-tasting lamb. The environment in which livestock are bred plays an extremely important part in producing this succulent, sweet and tender meat.

Welsh Lamb is produced on the lush, rich, green pastures of the Welsh hills and valleys. The temperate climate, clean air, mineral-rich soil, clean mountain streams and unspoilt environment all produce lamb of the highest quality.

Welsh farmers believe in only using the best of everything, so it's no wonder that Welsh Lamb has been awarded PGI status, the highly sought after marque which guarantees that you are buying a premium-quality product. This puts Welsh Lamb in the same elevated company as Parma Ham and other speciality and protected food name products from around the world.

So when you see this prestigious badge of authenticity you can be confident that the lambs were born and reared in Wales; allowed to roam freely across wholesome, natural habitat; and cared for by farmers with centuries of traditional farming practices under their belts. These lambs are sourced direct from farms, offering full traceability.

I am very excited to bring this product to you. There is very little Welsh Lamb in Singapore and generally it can only be found at exclusive restaurants and hotels. Our supplier also supplies their lamb to Marina Bay Sands and Raffles Hotel.

I hope you enjoy this video from Meat Promotion Wales, which shows beautiful Wales at its best.