Straits Preserves 

Straits Preserves is Singapore’s homegrown producer of New Asian Marmalades and Nut Butters, creating unique recipes from the tropical abundance at our doorstep.

Every flavour is inspired by Singapore’s history and food culture, made from ingredients readily available in Southeast Asia. The team behind Straits Preserves pride themselves in using simple ingredients differently, creating one-of-a-kind preserves which taste both familiar and exotic. 

Sharon Lee began making preserves when there was an overabundance of calamansi limes growing on her balcony back in 2011. Her family and friends enjoyed them so much that she was inspired to perfect her recipe and start her own business. Since then, Straits Preserves has won numerous Great Taste Awards and The World’s Original Marmalade Awards. 


Róa Cakes


Róa is a Singapore-based artisanal patisserie that has taken the simple, honest chocolate cake and completely revolutionised it into their signature Midnight Cake, which is vegan, gluten free and allergen friendly.

The Midnight Cake was conceived after 9 months of R&D, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind decadent guilt-free chocolate cake that replaces processed sugar and egg with psyllium husk and butter with avocados. Each cake is handcrafted without preservatives and decorated with edible gold flakes and Moroccan rose buds. 

Róa (pronounced “row-uh”) means ‘calm’ in Icelandic. The company was born out of a vision to create products that bring calm and pleasure to others.

Chief artisan Jane Tan believes that dietary restrictions should not be a reason to miss out on delicious treats. After her goddaughter, Emma, was born with severe allergies to eggs, wheat and dairy, Jane decided to create cakes that Emma could enjoy. A timely visit to New York kickstarted the process and inspired Jane to use only high quality, organic plant-based products in her craft.


The Whole Kitchen

The Whole Kitchen is Singapore’s very own bakery, made from 100% natural ingredients, free from gluten, additives and low in natural sugars. and is run by two Singapore-based Australians. Every food product sold is handmade without compromising on taste. 

The Whole Kitchen focuses on real, whole foods that are minimally processed foods that can be found naturally in the environment. Foods made up of single ingredients that you recognise as food, without all the added refined sugars, preservatives and additives that are found in most of our packaged foods today.

All their products are made up of real food ingredients that you are likely to have in your kitchen at home as they do not use preservatives or additives in their products.


Blu Current, Local Fish

I was so excited when I found this local fish supplier. At last, I have found incredibly tasty local fish that is both great quality and sustainable. Top chefs around Singapore are using this barramundi and red snapper in their menus and they are going down a storm. The Singapore government is investing heavily into aquaculture to help increase Singapore's productivity, which is really exciting and I am watching developments very closely.

This farm produces sustainably sea-farmed fish by using holding tanks on floating platforms in the ocean. Water quality is monitored and water is naturally filtered, treated and oxygenated, ensuring well-defined conditions for stress-free growth. The fish are Friends of the Sea certified which means the farm is prohibited from using any growth hormones and must respect the waters ecosystem and critical habitats.

Please see the below diagram which helps to explain the process:


Oh My Goodness

Oh My Goodness! is a small company with a big vision. This big vision involves their delightful and extremely delicious “free from” range being available without the heavy price tag.

Ramya began her baking journey at just 16, where she discovered her heart lies in the kitchen. At the age of 30, health issues led her down the “you are what you eat path”. Soon she was unable to eat wheat and dairy so Ramya’s baking journey took a new turn. I believe this is one of the reasons Ramya’s range is just so amazingly good; she wholly understands her customers cravings, needs and desires.

Most importantly these cakes aren’t full of all those unhealthy ingredients you would expect to find in something so tasty. The sweetness is from honey, spices and fruit. All the cakes and bread are high in protein and fibre from the wide variety of nuts and fruit used. So you really can enjoy these without worrying about what’s inside.


Simply Bread, Singapore

Simply Bread

Baking may just be the bread for your breakfast, but for the Simply Bread bakers it is their passion. Whether it is one of the tricky sourdough breads or the bold, rustic white, the Simply Bread bakers know their craft requires skills and instincts honed by time and dedication.  

The thud-thud of an old-fashioned oblique arm mixer stands next to a modern state-of-the-art dough-dividing and handling system. Skill is not needed in weighing the pieces of dough; it is required in the mixing of the dough and the use of the ovens. There is no secret ingredient, just an understanding that the flour, water, yeast and salt together with the bakers will become their prized loaves of bread.  

Simply Bread was started in Singapore in 1995 by Christine Fam. She was educated and raised outside of Singapore during her youth, where she followed her parents’ careers and attended hotel management school in Switzerland. Chris missed the simple and uncomplicated food she had become accustomed to. She started baking bread for herself, but the quality didn't meet her expectations initially. Chris needed a proper deck oven, with a stone sole to get the crust just right. There was not enough power supply to her home, so she rented a small space on Sixth Avenue. And that was the beginning of Simply Bread.  

Simply Bread was purely focused on Chris' own style and preferences in the beginning. The ingredients used today do not differ from when Chris baked for herself. She used to find different seeds and whole-grains from all around the world, and order a small amount directly from the source. Now, the Simply Bread procurement team is in charge of the sourcing process, but the quality of ingredients is always checked and approved by Chris.   

"We have been asked to deliver our bread or increase outlets around Singapore, but it wasn't that easy as we are still a small business focused on handmade bread and baking. We are very pleased to collaborate with Sasha's Fine Foods so that we can focus on baking for you." - Chris Fam  



Singapore Coconut Company 

The Singapore Coconut Company are innovative, passionate and forward thinking. They focus on developing a cold pressed virgin coconut oil that also produces the finest coconut butter. The coconuts are sourced from trusted, small, traditional coconut farms in Sir Lanka and Indonesia where farmers have been growing coconuts for generations.

With over 15 years of coconut research under their belt, the Singapore Coconut Company have developed a range of healthy, high quality and delicious products where absolutely nothing is wasted.

This virgin oil is made up of good fats which are the same good fats present in your brain (did you know your brain is 60% fat?!). As a result, including the virgin oil in your diet will help to maintain a healthy brain by ensuring the right fats are present. Also, present are medium chain triglycerides (“MCT”). MCT are a unique form of dietary fat which help provide an energy boost. Your digestion system can also be improved as the oil encourages the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins. High levels of lauric acid present help to maintain a good immune system. Finally, the coconut oil also has great moisturising qualities for your hair and skin so a great addition to your care regime!




VertiVegies is a Singaporean Controlled Environment Farming company committed to sustainable urban food production and community well-being. Their precision controlled environment technology enables them to deliver traceable, wholesome and safe food throughout the year for consumers. The company’s philosophy centres deeply around sustainability, research, innovation and the importance of creating products that puts consumers and our planet first. Cultivated locally and in a complete controlled environment, VertiVegies’ vegetables have a longer shelf life, improved nutritional content, freshness and taste.

All produce is free from insecticide, weedicide, fungicide or nematicide, thereby protecting you and your family from harmful sprays meant for pests and diseases. Their systems actively regulate temperature, humidity, hydro-nutrition, ventilation, cooling and various other input parameters to ensures the vegetables are packed with nutrients. Stringent processes ensure that the greens are free of heavy metals and micro-biological pathogens such as e-coli and salmonella.

As part of Singapore's target to meet 30% of the nation's nutrient needs by 2030, Vertivegies is in the process of building Singapore's largest indoor plant factory factory. By end 2020, the factory will produce up to 5 tonnes of produce daily. 

Consuming locally produced vegetables contributes to reduction of food waste and food miles as well as food security and nation building.