Prov / e / nance n.

1. a point of origination
2. a source, a beginning
3. the history of something valuable 

I am proud to have this page placed so prominently on my website because these are the men and women who allow us eat so well, knowing our food has been brought to us using the best processes in the world.

I have personally met with just about all our suppliers, having visited and spent time with over the last five years. It's fundamental to my ethos to work only with people who respect the entire process of food production - practices towards their own people, the environment, animal welfare, transportation and sustainability, whilst tampering as little as possible thought that chain.

We rely on the larger producers to provide us with many of our staple products, like meat and fish but I do everything I can to encourage and nurture smaller, artisanal food producers by adding their products to our store once I've had a chance to meet them myself. Through this Provenance page, I will showcase these hand-picked companies, large and small with the hope that you will enjoy getting to know the people behind what you eat.